Weak Point Training

Weak Points, we all have them. A lot of the time we tend to just leave our weak points, training them here and there with no real intensity (nothing compared to our favourite body parts anyway).

I know this was true for me and still is sometimes!

Why Are They Weak Points?

Certain body parts are weak points for us, but why? Well it can be a combination of reasons…sometimes it’s because the muscle group may not be a classic shirt muscle…arms for example are classic t shirt muscles and people love having big arms, so they never end up getting missed out during the week. Rear delts however, well…you don’t often see people training these in the gym and if you do there’s no real focus a lot of the time. Firstly, who sees our rear delts? Not many people, not even ourselves as they’re on our back!  But a good set of rear delts can looks great, even more than usual as not many people have developed this muscle group, even a moderately good set of delts can stand out as so few people have them.

Then there’s genetics, we all have body parts that respond better to training right? We LOVE to workout body parts that look good and are strong for us, training weaker body parts though? Hmmmmm not so much, if we’re a beast with one exercise and not another it can hurt our ego a bit and that’s not always pleasant. However, are they going to get better by neglecting them? Certainly not! So let’s just knuckle down and devise a plan to get these body parts up to par or at least significantly improved.

Other common weak body parts include; calves, forearms & abs.

What To Do?

To bring these body parts up, we need to create a plan of attack!

But first of all….we need to identify the body parts which need work, so in simple terms we need to:

1) Identify which body part(s) are YOUR week points?

2) Create a plan…

So, do you know which body parts are your weak points? Good, that’s a start.

Now…let’s create a plan.

Plan Creation

Okay, so we’ve identified the body part or parts that need work…now it’s plan making time.


How often are you going to work the weak point(s) p/week? I’d recommend 1-2 times p/week at first, if you hardly ever train them then once per week is fine and later down the line you can up this…if you work the body parts once a week now and you aren’t noticing results, then up that to 2-3 times…more frequency = more overall volume p/week which can lead to more growth over time.

Exercise Selection

Ensure that you’re picking some quality exercises, if you’re wanting to improve legs for example squats are going to be a lot better than leg extensions. If it’s rear delts, face-pulls and rear felt dumbbell flyes will be better than using a few resistance bands here and there (although bands are great for certain things).


Don’t give up on your weak points, they’re not going to be amazing body parts over night! Chances are you’ll notice decent results fairly quickly if you hardly even focus on them…but even if not, stick to your decision to bring them up. It may require changing your plan down the line, but you won’t know what works until you start the process.

Priority Principle 

Your weak points are often weak as we tend to train them at the end of a workout, so instead of this…train them at the beginning and give them your ALL…and YES this does mean you may not have as much energy for your favourite body parts later on in the workout, however this is just something you’ll have to learn to live with for the moment. No point being concerned about it, just accept it…it’s not like you can’t make progress with the body parts training later on in the workout, just you may not be training them with as much energy as usual.


That’s a wrap! If you have any specific weak point questions that you’d like to ask, feel free to - I’d love to help you out.

To get your questions answered, simply pop a comment below and I’ll get back to you soon :-)

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