Weighing Up The Weighing Scale : Are Scales Good For Tracking Fat Loss?


Weighing scales are a useful weight management tool, but are not without their limitations. Scales are useful for gauging overall weight change, but lack the ability to account for body composition i.e. fat loss and muscle gain.

Fat loss is rarely linear, weight will decrease, plateau, and may even increase momentarily (depending on the training stimulus). If your goal is to lose fat, then these small plateau’s or spikes in weight shouldn’t bother you, these are the result of an increase in muscle density.

Do not be put off by the word ‘muscle’, you won’t end up looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but if you want to lose weight in the form of fat then inevitably your body composition is going to shift a little. The denser your muscles get the greater the rate of fat loss will be, this is due to the extra calories muscle burns when at rest.

Although they have their uses, weighing scales will not give a true representation of your fat loss success. Just because your weight has gone up momentarily, doesn’t mean you haven’t lost fat and toned up in the process.

Want to put it to the test? Measure your waist circumference, mid- upper arm, and mid- upper thigh circumference, this will give you a true representation of your fat loss success. Use these measurements alongside weighing scales and you will get a much better idea of how the weight loss/fat loss regime is going.


Of course, the vast majority of success with fat loss will come from your combined diet and exercise efforts. Nothing replaces hard work and discipline when it comes to losing weight, you have to achieve harmony between exercise and diet, but spend more time on one at the expense of the other and expect to see limited results. If you get this balance right or are close to doing so, then I suggest starting to factor in a sports nutrition supplement. A Diet Protein, Diet protein bara Fat metaboliser or low calorie, low carb Whey protein may be all you need to kick start your weight loss goals!

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