Weight Gain Over Christmas? Fear Not…It’s Just Water!

At least most of the time, the weight you gain over Christmas is water, this is important to remember for the sake of your mental state, and as you know your mindset is a massive factor when it comes to kick starting your New Year! You should not allow yourself the luxury of falling into a self pitying sate of mind, this is damaging to your being, instead take a moment to step back and look at the bigger picture! For example, have you really gained fat over the Christmas period…I mean, yes, the scales might be suggesting that you have, but remember that scales are indiscriminate i.e. they do not consider body composition. As a Dietitian who has advised many a person after a Christmas binge, I can tell you that the bulk of the weight gained in that week will have been water. This water retention can be mostly attributed to the increased carbohydrate consumption over the Christmas period. On average, for every 1g of carbs you consume you retain 3g of water, this can be subcutaneously (under the surface of the skin) or intramuscularly (in the muscle).

So DO NOT let yourself get down during this New Years period because of the 2,3,4,5kg you gained over Christmas. Give yourself some time and adjust the carb intake so that it resembles approx 3g carbs per kg bodyweight, and watch the weight reduce as if by magic!

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Job Role Qualified Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist Qualifications BSc (Hons) Sports Science | BSc (Hons) Dietetics Tom has always participated in sport both recreationally and competitively which led to an unquenchable thirst for information on anything health, nutrition and fitness. After leaving school Tom went on to play for a football academy during which time he studied Sport and Exercise Science. From here he went on to study a BSc (Hons) Sport Science at UEA followed by his second BSc (Hons) degree, this time at the University of Hertfordshire studying Dietetics. Tom has worked in the fitness, educational and clinical nutrition industry starting out at David Lloyd Health and Leisure Clubs. He then went on to work as a Dietitian (RD) in the NHS, during which time he conducted clinics for healthy eating, weight loss and weight gain, as well as specialised consultations on Diabetes, IBS and Coeliac disease to name a few. He has vast amounts of experience at devising diet plans and supplement regimens, as well as working in the community with schools and competitive athletes. As Head Nutritionist and Supplement expert at Discount Supplements Tom is here to provide current and evidence based health and nutrition information to help you reach your health and fitness goals!
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