Using Weight Lifting Straps To Lift Bigger Weight

How many of you are going to be lifting heavy in your compound moves this bulking season? If you are you might want to invest in some lifting straps to enhance your lifts. Did you know that using lifting straps during movements such as a deadlift, stiff legged deadlift or row could result in lifting heavier weights and therefore growing larger muscles.

Why straps are effective is because it takes the tension off your forearms and grip so that you can focus on lifting more weight per set. How many times have you been lifting and felt comfortable in the muscles you are working but your grip lets you down?? Well try using a set of straps and this will reduce the problem immediately. You can thank me after your workout ;)

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  • James

    I used to use lifting straps, but I did a workout without them once and my grip strength was pitiful. Since then I never use straps (though I might consider it if I was doing a 1RM attempt at a deadlift).
    The way I see it, is that if you cannot hold a weight then you should not be lifting and bypassing your grip with straps means that your grip strength will never improve.

    • Scott Riches
      November 14, 2013 Scott Riches

      I agree with what you are saying James, your grip and forearms need to be worked. However, when you are lifting heavy/strength training then straps certainly help :) Thanks for the comment sir

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