Weight Loss Tips (3 of 5): Take Your Time…

Like many things in life, it’s usually best to take our time…it’s about the long game. Weight loss is no different, to be ‘successful’ when it comes to losing weight…taking our time is the best strategy and here are some of the main benefits to taking our time.

Energy Levels Are More Constant

When we ‘crash diet’, which basically means that we go from eating ‘normal’ to hardly anything our energy levels can take a real hit!

When we do this, we feel it when at home, work and out and about. Focusing in general life, work and wherever can become a lot more difficult as our body adapts to the heavily reduced food intake.

- Slowly reducing calories over time avoids this.

We Know What’s Working

When we reduce calories from our diet drastically, add in loads of cardio sessions and the like…we have NO idea what’s making a difference.

We notice that our body fat goes down significantly in a short period of time, but how do we know what it was that really ‘pushed’ our body to start burning body fat?

Being in a calorie deficit is what causes our body to burn body fat, however what about if we didn't even need to do cardio to lose fat at first and a reduction in calories ALONE could have done this? Now when fat loss slows down, what now? It’s not like we can add in even more cardio if we are already doing a lot. If we held out and had more patience, we could have added in cardio at a later point to get the weight moving again when at a plateau.

- Taking our time allows us to see what works for us and not do more than we need to for results.

Preserve Muscle Mass & Performance

When dropping pounds FAST our muscle mass can go along with it! That is certainly not something we want, right? If our calories go extremely low in a short amount of time, it’s very common for strength & performance to decrease (due to lower energy levels and decreased muscle mass).

Our body doesn't like extreme ups and downs, steady conditions are much easier to cope with.

From an evolutionary standpoint - huge muscles are not ‘essential’ so it makes sense that muscle mass can be used as an energy source in extreme circumstances. Hopefully this won’t be the case for most people, however when it comes to losing body fat many people go to extreme lengths as you have probably seen so it’s certainly worth mentioning.


Slow and steady wins the race, for most people 1-2 lbs of fat loss per week is a solid number to shoot for…at first it may be more than that, but over time this is a good number to aim for before getting to your (healthy) goal weight.

Not only is dieting slowly better for our body, but it’s also better for our mental wellbeing and attitude towards food - how many people do you know that crash diet only to add it all back on again?

Think about this next time you’re thinking about dieting, giving yourself plenty of time to lose the weight in a controlled manner allowing you to enjoy the process instead of suffering and adding it back on.

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  • Demon Dave
    April 27, 2016 Demon Dave

    One of the biggest hurdles for me re weight loss is snacking at night. I literally have to go upstairs and watch TV or jump on the computer just to get as far away from the kitchen as possible.

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