Weight Loss Tips (5 of 5): Keeping it OFF!

Okay, so imagine we’ve lost the weight - awesome! Now if we’re really….really lean….maintaining that is going to be a real challenge and probably not ideal, however for the majority of us that’s not going to apply.

What we want to do is maintain a healthy weight that we are happy with, but how do we do this? Is it simply a case of getting to our ideal weight by any means necessary (if you’ve read the previous posts, this hopefully won’t be the case!) and then trying to maintain that?

Well, if we are doing loads of cardio and eating very little food, maintaining this lifestyle is going to be very difficult due to the physical and mental effort required.

Extreme crash diets often result in extreme weight gains when the diet is complete…so as this series has really tried to ‘push’…make sure you have a strong setup before you start, connect with your goal and do things sloooowly…this more gentle pace will be more conducive for long term maintenance of a good weight.

Sure we may add a little bit of weight back on, but that’s it - nothing major.

So, how can we keep it off? Well, here are some techniques that you may wish to implement:

Monitor Your Weight

Now when I say monitor, you can do this via a number of ways and I’d use a few of these or at least one which you will stick to.

Each week or every two weeks or so, check your weight first thing in the morning. Are you a similar weight each time? If so, great…if not, what are you doing that’s causing this and how can you stop it in it’s tracks?

Clothing & The Mirror
If you have one piece of clothing that fit’s you nicely when in shape…use that as a tool. Doesn’t fit so well anymore? Time to take action or less ‘action’ (eating!) perhaps...

The mirror is a good guide too, if you start to notice that you’re adding a few pounds here and there…you know what to do. Although, the mirror can be misleading sometimes as we don’t always see what’s actually there (for better or worse) so although useful, if you aren’t particularly objective using the mirror try another method.

Embrace and Enjoy Your New Lifestyle

Working out, eating well and staying in good shape (for us) shouldn’t be seen as a one off thing, but more of a ‘new lifestyle’.

Embracing this and the benefits that your new lifestyle brings assists with long term adherence, if we constantly resist it….this causes a huge challenge for us.

Accept it.

Usually the main reason we resist is because it’s different to what we’re used to.

If we've eaten what we liked for years and years - this makes sense, but over time it will get easier and easier as it’s just ‘what we do’.

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