Do You Need A Weightlifting Belt During Exercise??

Do you use a weight belt during your lifting sessions? Can a belt help with lower back injuries?? Did you know that wearing a belt during heavy lifts can actually help support the spine better and engage your inner core muscles. Belts help aid in lifting performance and possibly give you a psychological edge over someone who doesn't wear a belt  because of the safety factor installed into your mind when using one. Are there any disadvantages in using a belt? Well, I believe the belt should only be used when you are performing the big, heavy compound lifts like squats, deadlifts and possibly even bench pressing. Using the belt on isolation movements or all the time when in the gym isn't something I would recommend.

In summary, use the weight belt for the big lifts, drop the belt for everyday exercise :)

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Job Role Nutritional and Fitness Advisor Qualifications Premier International Diploma in Personal Training, Nutrition and Sports Massage Therapy Scott has always been active growing up being involved in different sport teams and individual sports such as boxing and Jiu Jitsu. It wasn't until Scott dislocated his left knee during a Jiu Jitsu Competition when he developed a new passion which was going to the gym. Scott studied an International Diploma in Personal Training, Nutrition and Sports Massage Therapy which he has used for over 8 years in the Fitness Industry. Scott has been successful in his field in the UK and in other countries of the world. He has helped many people achieve their goals in Fat Loss, Weight gain, Hypertrophy and other areas of Health and Fitness. Scott is very passionate and is a big motivator who is going to provide you with expert advice and looks forward to helping you with your goals. There is more to see of Scott as he will be competing in Fitness Modelling competitions this year and next so keep a look out for him.
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