What’s Your Emotional State At The Moment : The Four Basic Emotions Of Human Expression

How do you feel at the moment, happy, sad, or angry, or maybe you’re indifferent and try to remove yourself from emotion. Whatever it is you feel at this moment in time, whether you choose to accept it or not, chances are you probably fit into one of these 6 categories:

1.) Happiness
2.) Sadness
3.) Fear
4.) Anger
5.) Surprise
6.) Disgust

These are widely regarded as the main types of emotion experienced by humans, but until recently it was believed that humans could express all of these 6 emotions via expressions on their face. In actual fact we can’t, we are only capable of exhibiting 4. The original belief was based on Dr Paul Ekman’s theory of the above 6 emotions, but this has been somewhat challenged by new research presented in the Current Biology journal asserting that there are in fact only 4 emotions. What these actual emotions are is unclear as there is difficulty differentiating between say fear and surprise, or anger and disgust, but the conclusion was based on the range of different muscles in the face (aka action units) involved in signalling different emotions and the overlap there seems to be between certain emotions.


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