What’s Your Post Christmas Mindset…A Festive Brain Dump On Planning Your Training & Nutrition

For most, the days after Christmas come with great intentions and even greater expectations, the build up to the beginning of 2014 is synonymous with ‘I can’s’, ‘I will’s’ and ‘It has to be this year’s’…so why not make 2014 the one!? Wait…let me rephrase that, MAKE 2014 the one! Why the hell not, immerse yourself into a worthy cause that is getting fit, healthy and vitalised, or if you’re already there then fine tune it cos there’s always room for improvement right?

Having a goal in mind and a contingency plan directed at achieving it is key to making the changes you need! The problem lies herein however…making the plan is often where most people fall short from the outset! Planning takes time and effort and often falls low on the list of priorities, consequently most people will fall back into the mindset of going to the gym 3-4 times a week (no less commendable) and do whatever it is they fancy on the day only to go home after and eat, drink and indulge in whatever it is that tickles their fancy. You see being directive and structured is what gets you started, and what keeps you going!


How are you going to go about this? Do it properly this year or don’t do it at all, yes there is something to be gained from 2-3 sessions a week and generally eating clean…but it won’t be enough to reach the pinnacle, and I can think of few things more disheartening than looking back knowing you didn’t reach your potential. Devise a training and eating structure that takes you into May/June so that you have a structure to follow. Think about when it is you’re going to eat and drink and WRITE IT DOWN…think about what you’re going to eat and again, WRITE IT DOWN…and finally (from a food perspective) make a shopping list (check out Tom’s example shopping list) ready for when you next go to replenish your food and drink stocks.

So the food side is sorted and should help keep you in check, now to structure the gym/fitness time. The order in which you plan this is up to you, but either way you need to intertwine the two (diet and fitness) so that there is time to train and feed up in the appropriate amounts. The fact is that you will be spending a lot more time eating than you will be training, so this will have to be factored! Try splitting your days into chest and triceps (Monday), back and biceps (Tuesday), Legs (Wednesday), Shoulders (Thursday), and Abs and calves (Friday) with Saturday and Sunday off. This is of course a training split example which allows adequate rest of certain muscle groups between sessions, but you can also perform full body workouts such as those seen in Crossfit or the likes of.

The key is planning, no doubt you’ve heard the motto ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’? It all starts with writing it down, sticking it on your wall, in your car and in your diary will help you keep on track.

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Job Role Qualified Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist Qualifications BSc (Hons) Sports Science | BSc (Hons) Dietetics Tom has always participated in sport both recreationally and competitively which led to an unquenchable thirst for information on anything health, nutrition and fitness. After leaving school Tom went on to play for a football academy during which time he studied Sport and Exercise Science. From here he went on to study a BSc (Hons) Sport Science at UEA followed by his second BSc (Hons) degree, this time at the University of Hertfordshire studying Dietetics. Tom has worked in the fitness, educational and clinical nutrition industry starting out at David Lloyd Health and Leisure Clubs. He then went on to work as a Dietitian (RD) in the NHS, during which time he conducted clinics for healthy eating, weight loss and weight gain, as well as specialised consultations on Diabetes, IBS and Coeliac disease to name a few. He has vast amounts of experience at devising diet plans and supplement regimens, as well as working in the community with schools and competitive athletes. As Head Nutritionist and Supplement expert at Discount Supplements Tom is here to provide current and evidence based health and nutrition information to help you reach your health and fitness goals!
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