What’s Your Flavour? - By Nathan Cruz

Chucking down brown rice?

Trying to get through all your flavourless oats?

‘Eating clean’ is hard enough, but when you keep your food as basic as it comes, it can become even more difficult to stay on track and want to eat your food.

The Rock said that he was brought up with the mentality of never eating to satisfy taste buds, but to fuel his body. Now that's a great mindset but unfortunately it doesn't always work out well for people - 9/10 the reason people slip on their diets is because their cravings for taste get the better of them.

There are many easy ways you can add a little guilt free flavour to your meals to help break through the bland taste barrier. Here are a few ideas that I incorporate into my own meals.

Seek good fats e.g. extra Virgin oil, low cholesterol butter, avacado...

These are great additions to any salad or even your rice. If you mix it in, perhaps even throw in a few chopped onions!

Discover your seasoning rack!

These are simple ways to make any meal easier on the pallet.

Chicken is a prime example of a traditionally bland food - but it doesn’t have to be that way. I like to season chicken with a number of different things (which also have health benefits).

You’ve got Garlic which is good for your heart and regular blood flow. Paprika is good for your digestive system, then there’s Rosemary and a whole lot more...

The combination of these gives food a much more enjoyable taste as well as helping you on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Throw fruit in the mix too

Bananas are a great source of natural energy, potassium has been shown to help reduce blood pressure and they taste really good. A chopped banana in your morning oats can help get down those stodgy final few mouthfuls when you're really starting to hit the wall.

Strawberries and blueberries are also a good addition to your morning oats. Fresh cut lemon is a great antioxidant and tastes great on chicken and fish, especially with a bit of parsley.


Again all will help towards healthy living but also make those meals a lot more manageable.

See what flavours you can find to make your diet that bit more interesting…

Until next time!

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About the Author

Nathan is a WWE Pro Wrestler based in Hull. Obsessed by the sport as a youngster, at the tender age of 10 he became determined to succeed in the industry. He went pro at 19 and hasn’t looked back since. Committing to grueling workouts and diet regimes over the years has resulted in Nathan becoming a great source of knowledge and information on training.
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