Do Wide Grip Pull Ups Give You Width?


Wide grip pull ups versus narrower wide grip pull ups, what works best? Possibly the best exercise to work the Lattisimus Dorsi muscles is a pull up, but how wide should you place your hands? Is it better to have your hands wider or slightly narrower??

Well, the hand position could play an important part to the area of the lats you are wanting to work. For instance the wider you have your hands on the bar whilst performing the pull up, the lower part of the lats it will work. When comparing to a narrower hand position on the bar but still flaring the elbow out to hit the lats, it will work the upper part of the muscle.

What hand position do you have? Have you found your lat muscles adapt to wider or narrower hand positions? However you do your pull ups, make sure this is a staple exercise as it is great for building a wide physique :)

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