Wimbledon 2014 - Game, Set, Match!

We already have England Rugby test matches happening at the moment. We have the World Cup 2014 in Brazil gracing our TV screens every night with 3 different football matches. On Monday 23 June we welcome Wimbledon 2014 with the best tennis stars around giving us even more entertainment on our televisions. So where did Wimbledon all start? Well it dates back to 1877 but didn't actually move to Church Road until 1922. Here are some more facts about this amazing game that you may not know of...

Wimbledon - The Facts!

Up to 40,000 tennis balls will be used during a tournament and each one will be hand tested for weight, bounce, compression AND stored at exactly 68F. 

There are 200 ball boys used in each tournament and they undergo rigorous training programs before the tournament starts.

More than 27,000 kilos of English strawberries are likely to be eaten by spectators, topped by 7,000 litres of cream

In 1968, when prize money was first awarded at Wimbledon, the total was £26,150. This year a total of £575,000 for men and £535,000 for women will be the total prize money for winners of the tournament.

The longest match lasted 112 games, between RA (Pancho) Gonzalez and Charlie Passarell, both from the US, in 1966. The first set alone was 46 games long.

The famous Wimbledon turf is a mixture of 70% perennial rye grass and 30% Barcrown creeping red fescue. It is cut to a height of exactly eight millimetres.

Why Is Tennis So Popular?

When Murray reached the final last year playing against Djokovic, a total number of 17.3 million viewers tuned in to BBC One to watch it. This was the highest audience for a Wimbledon final since 1990. Why is it so popular? Although it has it's dramas, for the most part it is enjoyable and fun to watch. The rules are simple to follow which attracts more people to watch the sport as they are less likely to get frustrated and can actually follow what is happening.


STARTS - Monday 23 June 2014


ENDS - Sunday 6 July 2014


Can Andy Murray defend his title and win the tournament for a second straight year? Will Marion Bartoli retain her title as the ladies winner? Good luck to all that participate as well as the mixed and straight double teams.

Whether you are watching this at Wimbledon, on Henman hill or in the comfort of your own home in front of the tv, one thing you can count on is that this tournament will bring excitement, tears and joy throughout. Enjoy and let's see if Murray can do the unthinkable and win Wimbledon 2014 for a second year in a row.

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