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Everybody loves training chest right? I guess with this in mind it is only right I share a really awesome chest workout you can do on the cable machine which will give you a great burn. Some of you might not use cables to perform flies and stick with dumbbells, however I urge you to try this as it will leave you feeling awesome! Let's run through the different types of cable flies you can perform along with my FAVOURITE exercise which is going to leave you feeling pumped!!

Cable Flies

Using a set of cable flies is a great way to start or finish your workout, purely because of the isolation you can really squeeze and concentrate on the muscles you are working. If you start off with cable flies you will certainly pre exhaust your chest muscles that will make you work harder throughout your session. I like to mix it up and perform them both at the start and the end of my workouts so that my body never knows what is coming next. Cable flies are excellent to really stretch and develop width across the chest without the exercise really making much of an impact on your shoulders.

Variations Of Cable Flies

You can hit your chest in a number of different ways on the cable machine just by setting the cables at certain heights. For instance you can have the cables up high, shoulder height or at ankle level to isolate the chest muscles. So depending on what area of the chest you want to work most in any given workout, will determine where you set the cables. A traditional fly is what you will opt to do every set and in each set you should be making sure you are concentrating on one thing, squeezing your chest muscles as hard as you can!!

My Favourite Variation

Regular flies from different heights on the cable machine is great, but what if you could incorporate something a little extra which will make it just a tiny bit more difficult. So I want you to stick with your regular fly but when you bring your hands together you will then perform an additional exercise which will work the inner chest. Just like when you perform a narrow grip bench bench you are focusing on working the inner part of your chest muscles, you will do this exact same move but with the cables. Here's what to do

Bring both cables together touching with your hands

Keep cables together and bring elbows back

Hands touch belly and then push forward replicating an inner bench movement

Then bring arms out to exit the cable fly and repeat reps.


Use this technique at the start or at the end of your chest workouts and be sure to let us know how you feel once doing it. Remember to keep squeezing and the tension on your chest at all times!

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