Are You Working Hard Enough During Your Gym Sessions??


Might seem like a silly question but was your last workout a good session? What determines a good session? Some people will say that if you are on the verge of being sick then this is a good indicator of having a successful session. Others will simply state going to the gym and spending 30 minutes to 1 hour on your session is good enough. But what constitutes a great session and how can you tell if you have had a good one?


Most of the time when you have finished in the gym you will have a great feeling from your workout, this is a good indicator you have had a good session. Sometimes you can feel very distant from your workout whereas other times you seem to connect well to it.


Usually the amount you perspire during a session is a big indicator which suggest you had a great session. Of course some of you will perspire easier than others but for the most part, when you are sweating it means you are working hard. If you haven't changed the colour of your workout top in a while then maybe you need to up the anti with your training.

Sick Feeling

As I have already said, some people measure certain sessions like leg workouts with the feeling of or being close to throwing up. I tend to disagree with this and think that you can still have a great session despite the need of throwing up but I understand that sometimes this happens.

Hitting A PB

One of the best feelings when lifting weights is going up in weight especially when it comes to your compound moves like squats, deadlifts and the bench press. If you can increase the weight or number of reps you are hitting on each set then this is a good sign you are on track with your training. It's also going to make you feel awesome which will help you push further in the session.

100% Effort

Basically, in every session you should be putting in 100% effort as this will give you the best possible chance of having a good workout. Anything short of 100% is not going to give you the results you want and it will also decrease your chances of having a good session. Always give your all and make sure that you have left everything in the gym, leave no stone unturned and make no excuses. You can do it!!

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