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Let's face it who doesn't love training arms and getting those bad boys pumped up!! If you are wanting to bench, deadlift and shoulder press more you need to work your arms. Some people I know don't train them because they feel they get a good enough workout when lifting on back and chest days. Is this enough? In my opinion I think you need to give them their own separate session to really notice a change, so look no further and give this workout a try.

Armageddon Session

You might notice when you train arms that it doesn't tax your body as hard as when you do legs for instance, so use this to your advantage to punish them further. Your arms are a bit like your calves in the way that you use them constantly throughout the day, so they are used to impact and being worked. So in order to see a physical change within your arms you need to really hit them hard by changing up your working sets, reps and rest times.

Biceps and Triceps

It is important to note that just like other muscle groups it is beneficial to mix up techniques, grips and hand placements especially when training arms. Let's take a look at the workout you are going to be doing...

Bicep Barbell Curl

100 reps with an Olympic Barbell curl standing with your elbows tucked in so that all the emphasis is placed on the bicep. Perform this one set and then move on, I will leave it down to you if you decide to load the bar with weight or not, remember you are doing 100 reps!!

Narrow Grip Bench Press

To give your biceps a rest, move onto some tricep action, using the bench press and adopting a narrow grip. For this exercise you will perform 100 reps again to warm up the back of the arms and of course work the inner chest muscles. Again, feel free to add some weight to your bar to make the exercise harder but just remember it is 100 reps you are doing in one go (obviously rest for as little as possible if you need too).

Hammer Curl SUPER SET Narrow Grip Pull up

Grab equal weighted dumbbells and perform hammer curls to work the outer part of the arm and superset this exercise with narrow grip pull ups to target the biceps further. Keep your movements strict for this exercise again and aim for 15 reps over 4 sets.

Rope Pulldown SUPER SET Dumbbell skullcrushers

Attach a rope to  a cable and keep the elbows tucked in when you split the rope at the bottom of the movement. Once you have finished 15 reps of a heavy weight move straight onto dumbbell skullcrushers on a bench and hit 15 reps again.

Finisher Set

To finish your arm workout you are going to go 5 rounds of 20 rep horrific training none stop. For biceps I want you to go for narrow grip barbell curls and dips for triceps. If you want to add weight to your dips then feel free to do so but this is 20 reps on both exercises for 5 rounds without rest. You rest at the end of the 5th set of dips and then it is a wrap!

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