The World’s Best Physiques Take To The Stage At The WBFF World’s In Las Vegas

This bank holiday weekend saw some of the best physiques/figures in the world take the stage at the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) competition in no other than Las Vegas! The actual event was televised but only on pay per view, but photos and of course the results can be seen on the official site If you ‘like’ some of the competitors on Facebook you can see their own vlogs, diaries and photos giving you an interesting insight into the main event and their preparation building up to it.

Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino serves as the perfect setting for both amateur and professional athletes from all around the world to pitch themselves against one another. Aesthetics, and to a lesser extent the posing routine, is all that matters during the show, so functional capabilities are irrelevant to the judging panel. Definition, muscularity and symmetry are some of the key areas judged and it is very competitive, so any flaws in these areas will stand out and be to the athletes detriment!


The competition is for both male and female competitors who compete in their gender category and body type. Categories for the men include Men’s Fitness Model, Men’s Muscle Model and Men’s Bodybuilding, whilst the women compete in the Diva Bikini Model, Diva Fitness Model or Women’s Figure. Within the categories are two elements, evening wear and swimwear and the competitors will be judged on their overall performance in both…so there’s more to it than just muscle bound men and women strutting around a stage.


Arguably the most popular category is the Men’s Muscle Model, this draws the largest crowd for that ultimate blend between beauty and muscle. Some of the most notable competitors included AJ Ellison, James Alexander-Ellis, Mike Rashid and Jean-Jacques Barrett. This year saw AJ Ellison take the crown of World Pro Male Fitness Model Champion, but what set him apart from the rest...see below for some insight.

Judging Criteria

Males are ultimately judged on their masculine style, marketability and stage presence, as well as their ability to display their character, style and self-confidence. Males were expected to show off their physical attributes projecting a fit and healthy lifestyle, a lean, well-proportioned toned and healthy looking body is most desirable.

Judging Weighting

40%- Overall Marketability
40%- Physique
20%- Stage Presence

Nutrition and Supplements

Granted this is just one element of attaining a physique worthy of the WBFF stage, but it’s a crucial one none the less! Every physique on that stage necessitates a strict, structured training routine, and in the same note every strict, structured training routine requires an equally strict and structured diet and supplement regime. So without going into the individual regimes of the pro’s, here are a few supplements that I would imagine would be in every athletes regime:

- Whey Protein
- Multi-vitamin and mineral
- Creatine Monohydrate
- Pre-workout supplement

Massive congrats to AJ Ellison on what is pretty much a flawless physique; he brought everything to the stage and walked off it the victor!


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