The World’s Strongest Bodybuilders!

Bodybuilders generally have a reputation for being ‘all show no go’ and maybe that is true for some. But, not all Bodybuilders fit that mould - that’s for sure. Out there….in the gymiverse, exists Bodybuilders with POWER and we’ve found some to contend for the title of the ‘Worlds Strongest Bodybuilder'. Even though when on a Bodybuilding stage, it doesn’t really matter how much you can lift. what matters is how much it LOOKS at though you can lift, plus a few others things. That said, some guys do both Bodybuilding and Powerlifting and do it fairly well too. Let’s have a look at a few guys out there with fierce reputations!

Stan “Rhino” Efferding


Height: 6 foot

Weight: 276lbs

Stan has been in the bodybuilding & powerlifting world for some time now.

Having been successful in both arenas, he has some pretty impressive bone crunching numbers.

A few notable lifts include:

Squat: 865.2lbs
Bench 600.7lbs
Deadlift 881lbs

Adding onto that, he’s also won some Bodybuilding titles including the 2008 NPC Emerald Cup Heavyweight and Overall 1st place. Oh, and the 2010 Mr. Olympia World’s Strongest Pro Bodybuilder! #BeastMode

If you’re wanting to see some of Stan’s serious lifts and get hit with some of his knowledge bombs make sure to check him out. For a video that gets right into it, go here.

Stan’s Instagram

Bradly Castleberry a.k.a. The Manimal


Height: 5 foot 9

Weight: 255lbs

Self claimed ‘Strongest Bodybuilder in The World’ - Bradly Castleberry claims a lot…however, judging by some of his lifts - he packs a serious punch and is worth looking into.

He’s competed in bodbuiding shows and now has a large online following where he shows off his HUGE lifts.

6 plates on either side of the bar Squats…and the same for deadlits….ungodly amounts of weight on the leg press - Bradly sure can lift!

On top of that, he shows us his flexibility and general athleticism - making him a great all rounder.

brad castleberry

We haven’t seen any powerlifting meet numbers however, so we don’t know any exact numbers for Bradley.

Check him out on his Instagram

Johnnie O. Jackson


Height: 5 foot 8

Weight: 275lbs

Johnnie has competed in more Bodybuilding competitions than you can shake a stick at!

He has bodybuilding titles from what back in 1998 (Texas State Championships) all the way through until more recently at Mr Olympia 2015 - this guy has a huge amount of experience and training under his weight lifting belt!

Then there’s his powerlifting numbers which although not all of the below are official ‘powerlifting meet’ numbers, they’re pretty indicative of what he can do!

Squat: 825lbs
Bench: 600lbs
Deadlift: 832lbs

Here’s a video of Johnnie deadlifting 821lbs at a meet and greet.

Although it’s not a confirmed lift, it’s pretty safe to say he lifts it and puts him in the mix for one of the strongest bodybuilders in the world!

...If you’re after some bad ass leg day motivation by the way, check Johnnie, representing Mutant, hitting the Quads HARD!

Oh and if you’re wanting to see a real monster bodybuilder, check out Markus Ruhl #BoulderShoulders

Anyway, there you have it a few of the strongest Bodybuilders on planet earth, but have we missed any?

Tell us what bodybuilders YOU have seen that are strong as an ox! Let us know!

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