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No one likes to be told they are doing something wrong even if they believe it to be healthy. How many of you start the day with a glass of orange juice, or a similar juice to that effect? Most of us have an understanding that a glass of juice in the morning can help equate to one of our five a day. Healthy choice or not so healthy? Did you know that a glass of orange juice contains roughly the same amount of sugar as 3 and a half doughnuts or 12 hobnob biscuits. Startled by this fact? Don't be, there are many more drinks out there that are worse and contain more sugar. First let's have a look at why consuming so much sugar is bad for your body...


Liquid fructose sugar is bad for your health and in particular for one organ in your body, the liver. It puts a big emphasis on the liver and this means you are increasing your chances of health issues such as heart problems, diabetes and obesity. So why is fructose sugar so bad? Well, it has no fibre like when you eat wholesome fruit which helps protect the nutrients within the body. Simply put, fructose sugar is absorbed rapidly when consumed which leads to the liver being overloaded. Blood sugar levels can be affected and some of you might feel the highs and lows after drinking sugary drinks. This is also bad as it can lead to gaining body fat, reduction in energy levels and early fatigue. Yeah, I know, sugar is not good!! To make matters worse, lets see what other drinks there are that you should try to avoid on their own.

More Sugary Drinks To Avoid

As much as you don't want to hear it, there are other sugary drinks out there you might be having which aren't a good choice and are going to be harmful to your body. How many of you like to enjoy a drink from Starbucks? A venti white chocolate mocha contains as much sugar equal to 10 boxes of golden grahams. Staggering isn't it? In a 500ml bottle of Ribena there is a sugar content equivalent to 13 oreo cookies. An Innocent smoothie contains as much as sugar as 4 Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and the list goes on. There are many drinks out there that need checking before consuming them for the reasons mentioned above.


I'm not saying not to drink these drinks as once in a while it isn't a bad option. They only become a problem when you are constantly having them and it becomes too much for the liver to take. Alternatives for you to have are ones that are low in sugar or are sugar free. Simple, right?

What Else Can You Do?

I personally think drinking juice in the morning is still a healthy option for you even though it contains a lot of sugar. The reason why having juice on it's own isn't a good option is because of the quick releasing sugar that is easily absorbed within the body. When this sugar isn't used it then has no where to go and is ultimately stored as body fat. So the best thing you can do is have a juice with a food group to slow the rate at which it is absorbed within your body. Having a carbohydrate or protein source with a juice such as orange juice will help slow the rate at which the sugars are released into the body. The more controlled the sugars the less likely they will store within the body. So, a breakfast consisting of orange juice along with porridge or a protein shake is a viable option.

Don't Be Put Off 

Finally, sugar is in a lot of foods but please don't be put off by this. Opt for low sugar or sugar free options and always try to eat something sugary with another food group so it slows the rate at which it is processed within the body.


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