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Amar from Preston review:

PhD Nutrition Tricellar Whey

"Great tasting, mixes like a dream and does not leave any clumps indicating high-quality ingredients. Packed with plenty of BCAA's as are all PHD products. I always buy PhD as have the ISO 9001 accreditation meaning they have been heavily audited so can buy with confidence in a very unregulated market. Great value for money"

He chose for his prize:

PhD Amino Drive 300g BOGOF >

PhD Nutrition Tricellar Whey 900g BOGOF >

Congratulations Amar!


Jen from Wales review:

Vitality Nutri Bars - Dated July 17 - 12 x 50g Bar(s):7

"These bars are unbelievable value for money – especially when bought as part of a BOGOF deal! Whilst they cannot strictly be classed as a protein bar, with 13g of protein and just 165 calories, they make great healthy snacks. I've tried all 3 flavours and must say all are as good as each other! All have a satisfyingly gooey texture and are surrounded by a generously thick and tasty chocolate coating. The ‘chocolate mousse’ has a rich chocolaty flavour, the ‘cookies n cream’ is very creamy and contains whole cashew nut pieces which was a nice surprise and if you're after something that bit sweeter then opt for the ‘cranberry almond’. Highly recommend!"

She chose for her prize:

Vitality Nutri Bars BOGOF x 2 Boxes >

PHD Woman Meal Replacement Bars BOGOF >

XL Nutrition High Protein Flapjacks >

Congratulations Jen!


Steve from Wales review:

Optimum Health Ultimate Whey Protein 2.2kg + Free Shaker

"I've trained and used numerous supplements and lots of proteins over the years. Optimum Health Ultimate Whey Protein may not be as well branded as some others, but it is absolutely fine. Tastes great mixes well and contains plenty of protein per serving. I add some fruit in with mine along with some creatine sometimes and it makes a great tasting, high protein, healthy shake. I would definitely recommend."

He chose for his prize:

Optimum Health Ultimate Pre Workout >

USN Natures Energy Bar x 2 Boxes > 

Congratulations Steve!


Mohamed from London review:

Take A Whey Powerful Protein Flapjacks >

"My experience with protein bars have been decent when it comes to finding out which of the sporting companies that sell protein bars at an affordable price per serving in bulk. I bought this product this past week and I must say it is delicious as a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack in between meals. It has a good amount of protein per bar and the chocolate flavour I currently have is so good it will convince you that you are on a cheat day! This protein flapjack is very affordable, tastes good and has a good amount of protein. What more can you ask for?"

He chose for his prize:

Efectiv Nutrition Caffeine BOGOF >

Performance Meals - Chicken Jalfrezi and Brown Rice >

Efectiv Whey BOGOF >

Optimum Health Multi Vitamin ABCDE >

Discount Supplements Ballpoint Pen > 

 Congratulations Mohamed!


Ben from Coalville review:

PhD Nutrition Pharma Whey HT+ >

"Absolute brilliant buy this one is. It tastes really nice and mixes very well with water. I used to use maxi-nutrition but swapped over to this one when it was recommended to me. It's more cost affective to buy it like this as well, I used to pay £30 for 18 servings, where as this one is £64.99 for 176. But yes, overall very pleased with the product, highly recommended 5*."

He chose for his prize:

PhD L-Glutamine > 

PhD BCAA Intra – FREE Jug > 

PhD Flapjack+ > 

 Congratulations Ben!


Adam from Liverpool review:

Optimum Health Ultimate Pre Workout >

"This is my first ever time trying pre workout last night when this got delivered and to be honest I wasn't expecting half the effect that this gave off. My whole body starts tingling after 10-15 minutes and all you want to do is lift something. I raced to the gym burst in and started benching 125% of my heaviest lift but with ease. Everything felt lighter and I was breezing through my sets with little more than 20 seconds rest between sets and under a minute between exercises. This lasted for the best part of an hour and for plenty of time to get my workout done. I felt like this was my most intense workout to date and felt great afterwards. Didn't experience any noticeable crash either. In my eyes 5* product and 5* price. (Review after only 1 use) but I can't wait to take it again and train tonight."

He chose for his prize:

Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Stand Whey - FREE ON Creatine Powder 144g >

MaxiNutrition Shaker Bottle >

 Congratulations Adam!


Jef from Sunderland review:

Medi Evil Berserker - 300g (BOGOF) >

"First off I looked at a video review YouTube by an American who was quite a big sneeze in supplements and he said it was packed full good stuff and recommended. So, I thought I would give it a go and after my first dose my skin started tingling a bit like a very mild pins and needles feeling all over my torso. The conclusion I made was that there was definitely something stimulating me!! The workout went well and felt like I achieved a good pump. Then i decided to try it before a ride on my bike and I can honestly say I blasted my previous times on the route with 25 personal bests over a 35km route! I also take it before a bike turbo session and I can say hand on heart that I'm really impressed with the extra endurance it seems to give me. If you like preworkouts then this is well worth a go."

He chose for his prize:

Efectiv Nutrition Premium Whey in Double Chocolate flavour >

PhD Nutrition Water Jug >

XL Nutrition Xtra Protein Bar >

 Congratulations Jef!


David from Consett review:

USN B4 Burn - 345g Tub >

"This is the best pre workout I have used. I have tried others before such as C4, ON gold and MP and this is my personal favourite by far. It's allowing me to work hard in the gym and keep on pushing, lifting heavier and for longer. I always want to throw a few abs or calves on the end of other sessions but tend to give up and just leave the gym, but on this I find it so easy to find the drive that lets me complete everything I want to. Highly recommended!"

He chose for his prize:

Grenade Carb Killa x2 boxes >

PhD Nutrition Protein Flapjack box >

Congratulations David!


Daniel from Windsor's review:

USN Water Bottle - 2.2litre >

"Big bottle for big thirsty people. Fed up with making countless trips to the water cooler at your gym / office? Looking for an eye catching water transportation device? Want to be the envy of people with lesser water bottles than this behemoth? Well look no further than this colossal 2.2 litre water bottle from USN. It will instantly resolve all of your water carrying dilemmas and when you take a chug from this bad boy, you''ll be the coolest water drinker around. It''s a big blue water bottle. You need one of these."

He chose for his prize:

Wildwest Bundu Beef Biltong (Original) >

BSN Syntha 6 Edge + FREE BSN NO Xplode 3.0 240g (Vanilla Flavour) >

PhD Nutrition BCAA Intra+ + FREE PhD Phd Water Jug 2.2L (Watermelon Flavour) >

Congratulations Daniel!


Derek from Broughty Ferry's review:

Optimum Health Diet Protein >

"Optimum Health Diet Protein is a great product that delivers an adequate amount of protein for a low cost. Optimum Health Protein - through the multibuy - offers one of the lowest priced protein powders available. But low price doesn't mean that it is undrinkable and/or that the protein content is low. I mix 1.5 scoopfuls with water in a shaker after a workout and have NEVER experienced clumping (my choice of flavour is chocolate). It mixes extremely well and tastes delish. I have no hesitation in recommending this product to anyone. I've never tried the more expensive proteins - perhaps I will one day - so I cant say what the difference is when you pay more. But I am happy with the protein and it works for my goals of losing weight and making sure I get the required amount of protein daily."

He chose for his prize:

Nutrisport 90+ Protein Vegan >

Congratulations Derek!

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  • rodreck21@hotmail.co.uk

    I used grenade creatine, it's a greate product, definitely worth the money, I found that without hydra 6 the creatine doesn't have as much effect, only strength gain to a certain extent. Overall good product, really recommend it if you're going to buy hydra 6 with it, I would rate it 4/5 stars just because I needed to buy something else along with it .

  • Thomas Steele
    June 18, 2016 Thomas Steele

    The EZ Hydra fuel hydra tabs have got to be the cheapest on Discount Supplements , I have tried many suppliers these are the cheapest , don't tell them they may increase the prices .They taste refreshing and actually do the job they are meant to , lovely tasting , hitting the spot , and replacing vital minerals and vitamins lost due to training and intense training , I would not use anything else

  • Vaibhav
    June 18, 2016 Vaibhav

    Good quality protein, lovely flavour and mixing is simply brilliant. Amazing results!!!


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