XL Nutrition – Blueberry & Vanilla Protein Pancakes

Looking for a deliciously nutritious sweet snack to conquer those sweet tooth cravings? Diets don’t have to be boring, in fact, a healthy, balanced diet should incorporate a wide range of foods from a variety of food groups. This is the key to longevity of a diet, ensuring that we are not lacking any particular food groups or depriving ourselves of the foods we love.

These easy to make, inexpensive and quick Protein Pancakes are the ideal recipe that you can create and make your own, simply pick and choose different ingredients and toppings to suit your taste pallet.

Not only are they delicious, but they also pack a high protein punch with the added ingredient of XL Nutrition Xtra Whey Protein.


50g Oats

1 Scoop XL Nutrition Xtra Whey Protein (Vanilla)

150g Fat Free Greek Yoghurt

1tsp Baking Powder

1tsp Vanilla Extract

1 Free Range Egg

100g Blueberries

30ml Almond Milk




For the toppings, the world is your oyster, just ensure that you’re tracking them into your diet and that they fit your macros! In this instance, I used Blueberries and Calorie Free Vanilla Syrup.


Simply grease a pan, I like to use a Butter 1 calorie spray, and set to a low heat.

Pour the mixture onto the pan to the desired size of the pancakes and cover for 2mins. Then flip the pancakes and cook for another one minute.

Add the toppings and enjoy!

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