XL Nutrition Cereal & Whey

Now this recipe has to be one of my go-to meals, this simplicity of this meal is second to none, it literally takes a few seconds to make and certainly hits the spot!

This meal also contains the ideal muscle building and performance enhancing nutrients for those intense workouts and can either be consumed pre-training or post workout.

The high protein content coupled with the high carbohydrate content helps stimulate protein synthesis and kick-starting recovery through supplying the working or recovering muscles with much needed amino acids and glycogen.

This meal is also incredibly low in fat, meaning that the calories stay low and whilst also leaving your nutrient uptake un hindered!



2 Scoops XL XTRA Whey – Vanilla

100g Low Fat Cereal (I Used Chocolate Shreddies)

400ml Ice Cold Water


Simply fill your shaker bottle up with the ice-cold water, add the scoops of whey protein, shake up and poor over your favourite low-fat cereal. It really is that simply!

A little tip for when you’re dieting, I like to add more water to make the meal last longer, instead of scoffing the full bowl in a couple of seconds flat.

If you have the calories to spare, you could also use skimmed milk or almond milk instead of water to add a bit more texture and flavour.


About the Author

XL Nutrition Ambassador/ Mens Physique Competitor/ Instagram - JonnieSteward

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