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Stiff Leg Deadlifts - Hamstrings

Next in the training principles series is another fantastic exercise to not only help with your flexibility and range of motion, but to also develop size and strength in those hamstrings!

Hamstrings are often the neglected part of many athletes training programs due to their leg days being more quad or glute dominated!

However, throwing a few solid hamstring exercises such as this will not only catapult your leg gains into delirium, but will also enhance your squat and deadlift performance.

Starting Position

This exercise, like many others, requires total control to avoid any injuries to your lower back.

Pick a light, manageable weight to begin with whilst you learn the correct form and technique.

Start with your feet together, holding the bar at a shoulder width.

With your back slightly arched and your legs straight, lower the bar to the floor whilst feeling the stretch in your hamstrings.

Finishing Position

This should be your fully stretched position, feeling all of the tension in your hamstrings.

If you are feeling any strain in your lower back, you may be coming too low, and not focusing the tension on your hamstrings.

There should also be minimal rounding in your back during this exercise, particularly in the ower portion of the movement.




Here is a short video of the exercise in motion. As you can see, when performed correctly, you will notice the hamstring muscle fibres firing in the concentric and eccentric portion as well as throughout the full movement.

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