Yeah I Take ‘Selfies’ In The Mirror At The Gym…And What!?

Selfie (Selfy) Pronunciation: / selfi /

A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website

…for those of you that didn’t know.

‘Selfie’ is a word that is rolling off the tongue of millions of people around the world, so much so that it was swiftly added to the Oxford Dictionary! Many of you may have noticed the stigma attached to the good ol’ selfie, the sneers one might receive for whipping the camera out ready to take a snap of themselves either in the mirror during or after a workout, or maybe before an evening out at a time when they feel particularly ravishing! Despite its popularity, the selfie does seem to rub a few people up the wrong way…even the Oxford Dictionary!

‘occasional selfies are acceptable, but posting a new picture of yourself every day isn’t necessary’

(As written in the Oxford Dictionary)

For something that is so so popular, why is there such negativity attached to a harmless selfie? Well I think it’s to do with the self indulged nature of a selfie, too many people post them on a regular basis as if their social media page is a cyber catwalk. If this is the case then why does it bother so many people?

2 types of selfie

There definitely seems to be more than 1 type of selfie, but the main 2 seem to be the posing/pouting type, and the group friend/holiday selfie. There doesn’t seem to be any stigma attached to a person taking a picture of themselves in front of a beautiful sunset, or whilst capturing a significant moment whilst attending a major event for example. However see a guy/girl taking a selfie with their shirt off (maybe not in the ladies case) in the changing room after a gym session and you’d think they were shooting an X rated movie judging by the looks they get!

Self assessment is key

There’s a difference between self assessment and self gratification. If a astrophysicist was to set themselves weekly tests in order to test their knowledge and brain power in a certain area there would be no issue at all. Similarly, if an artist or sculptor was to stand back and assess their work for areas of improvement and imperfection then nobody would think anything of it. Should a bodybuilder stand in a mirror assessing and scrutinising their physique however, you would be labelled vain or self indulged! I am quickly thinking that this sort of mindset is that of the weak, why judge a person on the basis that they are looking to improve themselves, for all you know that person may have lost 50lbs in the last 4 years and are slowly becoming more accepting of their newer, healthier body.

Don’t be too quick to judge

In fact don’t judge at all, it’s better this way. Too many people make other peoples business their business, and it’s a vexacious state of affairs. Some guys/girls train in the gym with a baggy t-shirt on so as to deliver a grand revealing when they are the finished article, whilst some wear a baggy t-shirt for modesty. Conversely some ‘spit in sawdust’ gyms allow for shirtless training, whilst in Crossfit it’s somewhat of a formality to train with no shirt on. The fact is this, what you do is your business and no one else’s, the moment you allow someone else’s opinions to sway your own is the time to start focussing on what you’re doing, not what the guy next to you is!

If you want to take pic of yourself because you’re particularly pleased of the way you did your hair today, do it. If you’re chuffed with the new found symmetry of your left trapezius compared to the right, post it up. If you’re not bothered either way, or don’t need a slefie to motivate you, then guess what…keep doing it your way. As for daily selfies, well you aren’t going to see muscular or fat loss changes on a day to day basis, but if it makes you happy to see your face on your social homepage then more power to you. Enjoy!

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