Is Your New Years Resolution To Lose Weight? Here's How

Many of you will start the new year trying to lose weight so that you feel better about yourself and so you are ready for your summer holidays on the beach. I personally think losing weight and in particular losing fat is a quite a hard task but if you give yourself enough time and do it the RIGHT way, it is something which can be achieved for the summer months. Pay careful attention not to get drawn into crash diets which will do more harm than good and steer you completely off track. If you want to lose weight effectively and look great in a few months time, read on to find out how you can do it...

Mental Attitude 

As I have already mentioned losing weight and achieving any goal for that matter is a hard task which isn't always straight forward. It is very important to have a clear and positive mental attitude before setting out on your journey of losing weight. The reasons for this is that there will be certain times you will question why you are doing what you are doing and whether you can actually achieve your end goal. If you have a strong mental attitude you will soon snap yourself out of feeling like that and keep on track. Sort your mind before you apply yourself to your goal!

Crash Diets Do NOT Work

Once the above rule is applied you are ready to take on your goal but it is imperative you do not opt for something which is going to make you fail. Sounds ridiculous right, but there are many crash diets, fads and other supplements out there which are going to do more harm than good and this is not the way to do it. Many of these crash diets will tell you not to eat, starve your body, cut out carbohydrates and only drink fruit juice. These type of diets simply do not work because it isn't healthy for your body to limit so many foods and only consume fruit and vegetables. Often you will see celebrities consuming only fruit as part of their diet but this can cause internal problems like shifting your bloods pH into a more acidic state which is known as acidosis. AVOID these type of diets where you could only logically stick to them for a few days or a week at best.

Staying Motivated

Furthermore short term diets in a desperate attempt to lose weight can disrupt your mood, sleeping patterns and how you feel emotionally. When you limit your body of good foods for a long period of time you will crave other foods and it will cause you to steer off track. The best way you can stay motivated is to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle which isn't going to be highly demanding for your body. Set yourself a realistic goal of how much weight you want to lose so that you can achieve it and move onto your next goal. Smaller goals which are attainable will lead to you reaching your goal.


In order to get to lose weight you MUST eat healthy and this means restricting yourself of foods like chocolate, biscuits and alcohol to name a few. You also MUST exercise and these both go hand in hand and when combined like this they are the ultimate weight loss tool.


Using a supplement like a fat burner alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise could be the final thing you need to consider when losing weight. Fat burners essentially metabolise fat into energy and can help burn excess body fat off your body. A fat burner contains natural ingredients and caffeine to help stimulate your metabolism and suppress cravings of different sugary foods.

If you have already started or are thinking about losing weight, please consider the above options and stick to something which is attainable. The key is staying on track so be realistic with what you set out and make sure you stick to it. All the best :)

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