Your New Year’s Resolution Starts NOW! Plan To Plan Your 2015


The world is a diverse and wonderful place, its inhabitants are unique and go about daily life in different ways, mostly good, and sadly some not so good. Excluding the bad people (those who commit murder and the likes of), what a good thing it is that we are different, otherwise the world we live in would be rather a dull and miserable place. I don’t know how you see yourself (hopefully it’s positively, if not then do something about it), but speaking very broadly and loosely, I think there are 2 types of people when it comes to resolutions etc… those who say I will start it on Monday and those who start it TODAY! This is procrastination in its truest form, putting off something until tomorrow, and there is no better example of this than the classic “I’ll do it in the new year” scenario.

Whatever works for you…

Yes, I agree that starting a new eating and/ or training plan in the New Year is an option, if waiting for a new year is what it takes for you to gear yourself up personally then so be it. Although I do find this a little bewildering, if this is what you’re going to do, then get yourself ready so that when the New Year arrives you’re hitting the ground running!

Plan to plan

If you haven’t already, look into a training plan first, I always find that sticking to a nutrition plan is easier if you know you’re putting the time in at the gym. Granted nutrition is the most important factor in obtaining that toned and defined physique, but many find sticking to the gym easier than sticking to the diet initially, so the discipline practised by training regularly is wholly transferrable to healthy eating. Of course this is subjective and lifestyle dependant, a family person may find training harder to stick to than the diet because they have to be home in order to see the kids before bed a so on. So if you know you have restricting factors in your life that may affect your New Year’s resolution, then plan around it and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Planning to plan is a legitimate practice that many people do subconsciously, but for the not so naturally organised among us, let’s look at a few basic steps to get you ready for the New Year…

Step 1: Get your backside to the gym… Sorry guys and gals, but you can’t plan to go to the gym necessarily, you’ve just gotta do it! For those who are a little nervy in the gym environment, look into meeting with a fitness instructor (free of charge) or personal trainer to devise you a plan, or head in with a training buddy! There is no magic trick or short cut with this one. Exercise some discipline and be patient with the results, discipline feeds motivation, the more you GET UP when all you want to do is lie there in bed, the more you TUNE IN when you walk into that gym, the BETTER the results you will see!

Step 2: Cut out the crap…Don’t necessarily expect to have a perfectly balanced, nutritionally complete, calorie perfect diet plan from the 1st of January! Take solace from the fact that you are no longer eating the crap that is responsible for the condition your body is in now. Your body may not be that bad, but it WILL NOT be that great if you think ‘oh, I’ll just have that one sweet’ and so on. Cutting out the empty calorie foods (foods that deliver calories without any nutrients) is a perfect start, and usually you’ll find that the training regime, and the rest of your diet will follow suit. Once you’ve cut out the crap food, start to look into getting a reputable Dietitian or certified Nutrition expert to devise your eating plan, or try to ensure that what you’re eating a drinking on a daily basis is balanced i.e. delivers protein, carbs, fat and fibre, and structured i.e. consuming 5-6 meals a day at breakfast, mid- morning, lunch, mid- afternoon, evening meal, and mid- evening snack. Eventually, because you’re trying to do things the right way AND for the right reasons, your 2015 will come right! You’ll see!


Planning to plan 2015

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