New Years Resolutions Are Like Babies… Fun To Make But Difficult To Maintain… Time To Reach Those Goals!

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So is 2016 going to be a BIG year for you? Do you have a plan in mind? If not then you’re already behind…believe me! I don’t mean the ‘new year, new you’ BS that you see strewn over social media, which despite being positive, sadly lacks direction! Someone once said that New Year’s resolutions are like babies, and they’re so right, they’re fun to make but difficult to maintain. And therein lies the challenge…maintenance, far too many resolutions start off OK but fade out by February!

One of the most common problems when setting New Year’s resolutions is that people set a beginning date OK, but fail to establish an end or completion date. Knowing what you want to achieve is one thing, but without a definitive end date this goal has a habit of drifting further and further away into the distance until it seems out of reach. Setting an end date increases urgency, a lack of urgency can lead to complacency, which ultimately leads to QUITTING!

The thing is, quitting should not be an option this time because these goals of ours keeps getting further and further away! So do this now, write down 3 major goals for 2016, 3 things you want, and be specific, set a completion date for each, and START NOW! Not in January.

For example:

  • Lose 11kg (about 1 ½ stone) by June 2016
  • Increase gym sessions to a consistent 5 per week by the 31st January
  • Add 5kg to my deadlift total every month until I break the 200kg mark (current PB is 180kg therefore estimated completion by 1st May 2016)

These are training and health related goals, but maybe yours include owning a BMW 5 series by 30th December 2016, earning £10,000 per month from your private business by March 2016, or simply (and most importantly) to spend more time with the people you love e.g. spend 1 hour every evening reading books or assembling puzzles with your child. You see, simply saying ‘I will spend more time with my child’ isn’t going to cut it, but setting tangible, mutually agreed times to do specific activities are far more likely to stick.

Start paving the way to your success now, don’t cave in to the misleading mind-set that says it can wait until January. That’s exactly the train of thought that is causing you to procrastinate in the first place. Set your specific goals and set out a map of how you’re going to do it. Set some goals, any goals, because once you’ve ticked one of those bad boys off you will see that MOMENTUM in all its glory will lead you into the next goal head first!
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