Post-Workout Recovery

The point to a workout is the push the body and in doing so, it stimulates it to grow stronger every time it recovers.

The point to a workout is the push the body and in doing so, it stimulates it to grow stronger every time it recovers. The more times we do this within a given time frame, the stronger and fitter we can become – provided that our body can recover between workouts.

By taking post workout recovery seriously, we can improve the speed in which our body recovers from the physical stress. This means that the next time we train we will be fresh and ready to push ourselves harder next time.

How Can We Improve Post Workout Recovery?

First of all, before we go more into depth with post workout recovery, it’s important to consider that whilst we workout we should stimulate the muscle for growth rather than run it into the ground.

‘Stimulate not annihilate’

By stimulating the muscle we make progress and recover in good time. However if we go way beyond this place and ‘annihilate’ the muscles, the recovery process can take much longer. Another reason for this is not just muscular but when we go too far this can excessively stress our Central Nervous System leading to longer recovery times – training until failure excessively can do this.

Ways that we can encourage Post Workout Recovery Include:

Good quality nutrition
Foam Rolling

So as you can see there are many ways to improve recovery. One that we focus on here at Discount Supplements is good quality nutrition.

Following a workout, your stomach may not be able to digest a full meal. Taking a high quality post workout recovery shake is something to consider.

Following a workout the body is highly receptive to nutrients, particularly protein and carbohydrates. So by consuming quality sources of these nutrients following a workout the recovery process can get well underway.

Recovery drinks, protein shakes, all in ones, amino drinks and others can help here. With these products generally being in powdered form, the time it takes for the body to digest is significantly less than a full meal which may take hours. Here, the ingredients can be accessed much more quickly by the body and shortly after, within an hour or so, a meal can be eaten once the post workout supplement e.g. a protein recovery shake has been digested.

Ingredients Used in Post Workout Recovery Products

Although products should be looked at for specific information, the general ingredients contained in Post Workout Recovery shakes generally include:

Fats (often only minor amounts)
Amino acids such as L-Glutamine and BCAAs

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