Ready to drink products or RTDs are essentially products that are good to go – simply open and consume for the most part!

Ready to drink products or RTDs are essentially products that are good to go – simply open and consume for the most part!

Many whey protein shakes, energy drinks, BCAA products, protein powders and the like more often than not need something to be added to them (such as water) before they can be consumed – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

For many of us however, we need a solution that is ready to go! Whether that’s because of time constraints, we don’t want to take tubs and powders around with us or otherwise\u2026sometimes there’s just a lot going on and the less things we have to think about (like preparing nutritional supplements) the better.

There are many different types of RTDs, including the following:

Diet Protein Drinks, those who are looking for a low calorie high protein drink which can be taken on the go without any preparation should consider Ready to Drink Diet Protein shake. These kinds of products do really well with busy professionals and people who are on the go a lot. By being able to simply get a Diet Protein Drink and put it in our bag can be very useful at times, saving the need to put powders in bags and take shakers with us\u2026just open up, consume and dispose of when used.

Coconut Water, a popular drink which is not only tasty but has certain health benefits too. Coconut Water is available as a ready to drink solution; ideal for many. It is also powdered and added to certain products too.

Energy Drinks, stimulant based drinks which give the user intense focus and energy for during the day or before a workout. These are becoming increasingly popular in the fitness industry and in the larger marketplace. Available with carbs, sugar free, with added aminos including BCAAs, there are many to choose from which boast a whole host of benefits.

Meal Replacement Drinks, sometimes having a whole food meal can be difficult due to time constraints or when we may have a lack of appetite. Although not designed to replace whole food entirely, meal replacement drinks can be a useful tool in our nutritional plan to keep us on track.

Protein Drinks, protein is widely regarded as one of the most important macronutrients for growth and general recovery. In order to ensure that we are getting enough each day having ready to go Protein Drinks can help. Whether we need something to have in the car, between meetings or on the go, when we don’t have much time or simply don’t want to prepare something \u2013 having one of these can really help!

Shake and Take, these products are ideal for many of us. Generally, a lot lighter than others in this category (because they are pre-measured powders in a bottle, but without the liquid) Shake and Takes are great for having at the ready and you just need to add water, shake and consume. There are protein powder versions, pre-workout formulas and more.

Weight Gain Drinks, high in protein, high in calories, weight gain drinks are perfect for those on a weight gaining program or simply for those who want a lot of calories on the go.

Who Is Suitable For Ready To Drink Products?

Those who want extra convenience
Individuals with time constraints
Enthusiasts/Athletes who do not want to think about preparing their nutritional supplements

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