CNP Professional Pro Peptide - Product Review
Pro Peptide has been a top product in its class for some time and CNP have really focused on using premium protein sources here. There are additional benefits too of adding probiotic organisms to assist with the digestion and uptake of the protein.

CNP are known for quality and attention to detail, the Pro Peptide doesn’t deviate from that ethos at all - this is a great product and in this review, we’re going to go into a little more detail why.

What Does it Taste Like?
We tried two flavours here for the purposes of this review - both the Chocolate and Vanilla flavours.

Each are solid examples of good flavours, the Chocolate flavour is a classic chocolate and goes well with the ingredients, the Vanilla is a little sweeter and is excellent too.

Before bed, they’re like a little treat but instead of just being sugar-based, like a regular dessert or similar, you’ll be getting an influx of amino acids throughout the night...unless you wish to use during the day, that is!

It tastes good on its own, mixed with porridge, in the morning, later’s pretty versatile.

It will also keep you fuller for longer too, due to the product being a thicker protein source compared to regular protein shakes due to the ingredients (which we’ll talk about more in a moment), making it ideal for dieting or when you want a meal that takes a little longer to digest.

Nutritional Information & Ingredients
When it comes to the numbers, here are the highlights...

CNP Pro Peptide

Chocolate (per 65g Serving):

45g protein
Just 5.3g carbs (2.1 sugars)
234 calories
Vanilla (per 65g Serving):

45g protein
Just 5.5g carbs (2.0 sugars)
229 calories
So both are very similar here and it’s the same story with the other flavours in the range too.

When it comes to ingredients used to create the CNP Pro Peptide, CNP have engineered this product to have a full spectrum of amino acids, protein fractions and peptides to ensure the product is as good as it can be.

Ingredients wise we have Milk Protein, Micellar Casein (which is processed using low temperatures to ensure the maximum quality), whey protein, acidophilus and yoghurt organisms (probiotics), peptide bonded glutamine, egg white powder, hydrolyzed whey protein, MCT oil and a few flavourings it’s safe to say there’s some good stuff in here!

They’ve not held back here and at the great price we have it for sale here at Discount Supplements, it’s a bit of a steal too!

The mixability of the CNP Pro Peptide is fine, just like any product that has micellar casein in it needs a decent shake or mix if you’re putting it in porridge for example but other than that we noticed no major clumping or similar - all good from our point of view.

Overall, we really like the Pro Peptide from CNP, it has a lot going for it and even though it’s already quite popular, for those who’ve not yet tried it we’d recommend you get yours hands on a tub and give it a go...we’re sure you’ll love it too!