How A Weight Gainer Can help To Build That Butt!

It is becoming a mission of the bodybuilder…to get a butt that is strong, solid and toned, you may have heard of or even partaken in the ‘rolling bar’ test to ascertain whether you squat or not.

Seen people lie on the floor on their front and have a gym buddy roll an Olympic lifting bar with a 20kg plate on each side over their butt? Well, the law has it that if the bar roles freely over your butt without touching, then YOU DON’T EVEN SQUAT… if the bar hits your butt then guess what… YOU CLEARLY SQUAT!

It is a bit of fun, of course, don’t read into it, I can squat 180kg comfortably and my butt is pretty poor in honesty.

If you wish to pack on the mass though then consider a weight gainer supplement such as Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass, it’s a great example of a top-quality protein, with the additional calories to promote growth in the butt area… plus (and more importantly) when you blackout the ‘M’ of the Mass you end up with some serious ass, and who can complain at that!?