Alpha Lion SuperHuman Pump Pre Workout 367g

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Flavour: Schwarzenectar
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Great product will buy again

Stephen Hardy
Pumped af

One of the best pump products I've used. Superb pumps. Tastes amazing (peach pumps)

Ben Henson
Right banana....

On opening I knew exactly what the taste was going to be, the sweet sweet aroma hit me as soon as that seal had been removed, and was gret with a spoon on top of the powder which started the whole experience at a top level. Measured out 200ml of ice cold water and double scooped, it mixed so well and upon drinking there was zero pwo shudder from the mix instead I had a perfect blend of banana flavoured drink, there was zero undisolved grit at the bottom. After about 25 min I started to get the beta tingles, in my ears and lower back. This soon went all over, nothing uncomfortable but gets you to the point where you know its game time. On entering the gym I set about working back and from the get go I felt dialed in and as tho I was ready to give more, I quickly got done with the first set and ready quicker than normal. While I finished up doing majority of back I still felt engaged like I did at the beginning of the set, when I started biceps the pump was great, my arms felt full. When I finished up I had my post shake and finished up, there was no caffeine car crash at the end, washed up and ready for bed, where I just managed to drift off. Loved every bit of this and can't wait to play again

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