Alpha Neon Darkside Onslaught Pre Workout 420g

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Flavour: Purple Punch
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Alex Henderson
Darkside Onslaught pre workout

This pre workout kills my appetite. Pretty good concentration in the gym but no extra energy - just a strange spacey feeling with a dull headache and then distrubed sleep afterwards. Also tastes nasty. Not for me. I'll stay with Redcon Total War which is much cheaper and feels much better ..

Ziggy Roberts
be careful with this

right so first of all this pre tastes awful. the purple punch is literally a rancid version of calpol. it is also a bit gloopy-i think because of the glycerol in it. i got an amazing pump but afterwards has given me awful stomach ache and bad guts.

i also suspect this contains DMAA because of the kigelia africana is a natural substitute for it and for a pre workout to contain that it should be very pricey, this leads me to believe it is DMAA/DMHA in disguise.

overall despite an amazing workout and great focus/pump i don’t recommend because it gives you the feeling of when you are about to have a panic attack + stomach ache and bad guts. 2/5

Alan Boardman
5 stars

Really good service quick postage and the product is great would definitely recommend and will be ordering again

Onslaught is an understatement

This stuff is really potent. Be careful with the dosage. It's very strong and really does work. Huge performance boosts and energy for hours. Highly recommended for those tougher heavy days. Not something to be consumed daily

Labeeb Qamar
Dont like the flavour

On time delivery but didnt like the flavour

Ryan Preuss
Horrible taste

Horrible taste but excellent service sorting out my issue

Jade Jackson
Alpha isn't for me

Its good pre, really good just not for any cardio based workouts, messed my focus, made me feel so sick, taste is absolutely disgusting its like jagameister. Not the pre for me. Good for weight training tho.

Maurice O’Donnell

Bought this to give me a pre-workout umph, and it certainly does, highly recommend.

Levi B

Made me sick

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