Alpha Neon Darkside Onslaught Pre Workout 420g

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Flavour: Blue Raspberry (DS Exclusive)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Joseph Stanley
Not too bad

Horrid taste but very good effects

Jakub Wierzbicki
Worst pre workout I've had

Been taking different pre workouts for over 2 years now, got a high tolerance for caffeine.

The caffeine is not the issue here however, the come up and peak are really good, mental focus and energy are in point but jeezo the crash is so bad!

I couldn't fall asleep at all and I took the reccomended serving size at 8. Felt light headed, zoned out, nauseous, numb, deflated and tingly all at once. The worst feeling ever. Those symptoms held on for 2 days!

Never taking this again.

Jake Lesurf
Amazing pre workout

Taste and effect is top tier

Matthew Cooke
Pre work out

Not the best in the world .Need 2 to 3 scoops to have much effect might just be me.Not the best or worse. Does not do what it claims tho.

Hamish Hooper

Crazy pump and good focus. Just don’t dry scoop this


Definitely does the business. Pumps are insane.

Mr S Mount

I was told about this product by The supplement review bloke. And it hasn't disappointed. Great focus with none of the tingle.

olly downes
Alpha neon pre

Rainbow candy was the Most Disgusting tasting pre I’ve ever had. Performance was very good all round but the worst part is the crash. After working out I could still taste the Flavour for hours, gave me a huge headache and felt sick for ages after. Wouldn’t recommend

Alex Henderson
Darkside Onslaught pre workout

This pre workout kills my appetite. Pretty good concentration in the gym but no extra energy - just a strange spacey feeling with a dull headache and then distrubed sleep afterwards. Also tastes nasty. Not for me. I'll stay with Redcon Total War which is much cheaper and feels much better ..

Ziggy Roberts
be careful with this

right so first of all this pre tastes awful. the purple punch is literally a rancid version of calpol. it is also a bit gloopy-i think because of the glycerol in it. i got an amazing pump but afterwards has given me awful stomach ache and bad guts.

i also suspect this contains DMAA because of the kigelia africana is a natural substitute for it and for a pre workout to contain that it should be very pricey, this leads me to believe it is DMAA/DMHA in disguise.

overall despite an amazing workout and great focus/pump i don’t recommend because it gives you the feeling of when you are about to have a panic attack + stomach ache and bad guts. 2/5

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