Nutrisport Protein+Carbs 5kg

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Flavour: Chocolate
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Matt Edwards
Top stuff

I've ordered this product twice now and both times I've had amazing delivery times and exelent service. This product has helped me loads with getting a boosted fix in the morning after the gym and at night. I've tried both the villina and the strawberry both taste amazing. The price is stupidly low for a 5kg tub I would highly recommend this to anyone training.

adele ford

Perfect balance of card to protein I was looking for.

stuart davies

Hits the mark, does the job been a member for over 10 years discount supplements never let you down

Dario Vernon
Nutrisport Protein + Carbs

Cheap and hits the macros! Does the job

Duncan Hanson
Sorry DS .awful.

I want to start by saying I have been using DS for years now.... I bought this as what I normally buy is either not in stock or discontinued and as now 7 week post spine surgery / fusion and slowly getting back to gym needed something. Now I am not fussy as long as it works but I bought the chocolate tub, have tried with both milk and water and with out adding banana or peanut butter etc ....It is UGLY!! It has the most awful sour taste! Will not be buying again and would certainly not recommend it.

Ben Briggs
Old school protein that does the job.

Nutrisports protein + carbs isn’t a fancy tasting protein with a vast array of flavours, instead it’s a brand that’s done the rounds for years that largely hasn’t changed. And that’s good because you know where you stand, it does the job! I use once a day after training to replace glycogen and give my body a protein hit. All good. I’d recommend chocolate and vanilla as personal choices.

Not impressed

Mixed it was “gritty” and very powdery. Far better was when you could mix your own optimum health whey protein and carbs. Why did they stop supplying O H carbs? What a mistake.

Copeland Conor
Very good and fast

Protein taste nice.


Born in 1946 and still pumping weights or trying too, yes I'm 74 save you working it out.No Arni here I'm afraid but have to keep the blood circulating, at 17 I was really only 10 stone and had to put more weight on.And I did 4 pints of milk a day and some stuff I used to pick-up at Boots. I forget what it was called.In and out of gyms since then, even having my own kit in the front bedroom before I moved to Bulgaria.Only two gyms here in town and 2 lev or £1 a session or 25 leva month, I only train twice a week that's enough for me.I have tried other supplements and they seem to work but this Nutrisport Protein+Carbs is new to me.I had to take a break from the gym as they were closed for a couple of months with this coronavirus but they are open now but I still didn't want to mix with people so I didn't go, I did some chins in the front garden just to keep the muscles from disappearing altogether like they would do at my age.  But I missed it and thought I'm going to die anyway not going to the gym and keeping myself fit so I will take the chance and maybe live a little longer.But I needed supplements because a work-out at my age takes a lot out of you and I couldn't get my old stuff. They seem not to make it anymore so thought I will try this.I started taking 3 level scoops first and that seemed enough for me, mixed in 1 pint of cold water after all foods in the evening everyday.And on working out day only taking it with-in an hour after the work-out, which was before midday.Last week's work-out seemed normal but this week, Tuesday I felt powerful and used an extra plate and an extra size dumbbell.I won't push it as I still have an old body and could damage it forever. I don't want to end up in a wheelchair , certainly not in Bulgaria.My back and shoulders feel heavy and hard my arms feel like I have just pumped them up, but that was yesterday. I can't wait to see what I will be like on Friday.I don't feel at all  tired or want to lay down for a nap, I can feel something in my eyes that I may have done too much on Tuesday but I'm sure that will pass, and I seem to be sleeping better.I'm old so what do you expect..but I want to feel good and have some respect from people and muscles certainly gets you that.   It's going to be a long winter as usual, I want to be ready for the summer and I will, let's hope we all make it .... 

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