Supplement Needs Pre Focus+ 225g

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Customer Reviews

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Nick Holmes
Laser Focus

Used before, but always come back to the old faithful. Expertly formulated, incredible effects and good value for money

Jason Thomas

I found this product to really shine after the second week, the focus element is really there. You become switched on and ready to go. I felt much more sharper like nootropics work and make you feel. The L tyrosine dose seems to be bang on.
With my caffeine tolerance being high I didn't really notice it, so me personally I wouldn't use as a pre workout but this work stack well with extra caffeine or some of supplements needs stackable pre's/pump formula.

If your drinking energy drinks every day then is a good replacement and for the price of an energy drink ie a Monster or red bull you are getting extra good quality ingredients like the lions mane, alpha gpc and L tyrosine it's worth the money.

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