Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy NEW Flavours! - Product Review

Welcome to the Discount Supplements product review for the brand new additions to the Amino Energy flavour range from Optimum Nutrition.

The ON Amino Energy has been around for some time now and has stood the test of time, which makes sense as it really is an excellent product which has proven extremely popular.

Providing anytime energy from 100 mg of caffeine to increase mental alertness and focus, micronised amino acids (including BCAAs) and being low in calories (around 29 calories per drink) and zero sugar...plus the awesome range of flavours available - we can see why too.

New Flavours!

Well, the reason we’re writing this is to shout about the NEW amazing flavours to the range, these three new flavours are:

  • Cola
  • Cherry
  • Iced Tea

Sound nice right? Well, they are!

These new flavours are refreshing and provide some fresh choice for those who may fancy a change, whether you use your Amino Energy in the morning prior to prime yourself to attack that to-do list, for a decent kick before training or just for some anytime energy during work or on a regular day.


Reminiscent of the classic Cola flavour you’re used to, this has been done well for sure and it’s hard to believe it’s actually an amino drink with all the benefits of the aminos you’re getting plus the energy boost from the caffeine, Green Tea and green coffee extracts.

Love it.


Looking for something a little sweeter with a solid cheeky cherry taste?

Well, the cherry flavour may be for you! It’s really tasty, to be honest and think about it we’ve not really tasted that many cherry flavoured products over the years but this is one to take note of. Similar to those cherry tasting sweets that you keep wanting more of, this flavour is perfect for those looking for something different or for you cherry lovers out there.

Iced Tea

Again, not a flavour we’ve seen much within products in the industry but the Iced Tea flavour hits all the right notes. We tried this on its own in a shaker and mixed in a glass with a little ice on a hot day and it makes for the perfect cold drink that is not only refreshing but it gives that sometimes well-needed boost!

Plus, the good thing with the Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy (regardless of flavour) is that you can have more or less scoops depending on how much energy you’re looking for!

The Wrap Up

So, all in all, we here at Discount Supplements are big fans of these new flavours from Optimum Nutrition and we think you will be too.

Whether you’re looking for a little bit of Cola flavour in your life, some cheeky Cherry or a cool Iced Tea flavour amino energy you can’t go far wrong, especially at our great price!
Perfect for dieting too, satisfying that sweet tooth but without the sugar and load of calories…just some quality amino acids and energy!

Get your hands on these awesome new flavours today and enjoy!