Dry Scooping

The dry scoop trend is becoming prominent among fitness communities, promising excelled results and enhanced performance with each mouthful.

In this article, we examine what exactly dry scooping is and assess the pros and cons of this fashionable new approach.

What is dry scooping?

Dry scooping pre-workout is a current trend whereby people consume their powders such as muscle pump directly.

Whilst the method is currently trending among fitness enthusiasts, due to social media ‘challenges’ across the likes of TikTok and Instagram, dry scooping has actually been around for a while in the bodybuilding community.

What does dry scooping pre-workout do, we hear you ask? In reality, it does not do much different to mixing your pre-workout and consuming it using the traditional method. Some people claim it helps the mixture to get into your system faster, however, there are not many studies to back this.

Does dry scooping pre-workout work?

Pre-workout supplements provide you with more energy before you exercise, using caffeine to enhance your power and allow you to exercise for longer.

One of the obvious benefits of dry scooping is that it is convenient to take on the move, as you do not need a shaker bottle to consume your supplement. This means there is also less clean-up and preparation, as well as more room in your gym bag.

People that live by this method claim that consuming the pre-workout supplement by mixing it with water dilutes the pre-workout benefits, inducing delayed effects and hindering performance.

Dry scooping pre-workout allegedly allows you to feel the benefits of the supplement faster, as swallowing the pre-workout as a dry scoop allows the mixture to sit in your stomach and quickly dissolve into your system. People say that they feel the effects of the pre-workout immediately, resulting in more energy for their workout.

There have been little to no scientific studies to back up these claims. On the contrary, many people believe that the alleged benefits are simply a placebo effect and that dry scooping any formulas, such as BCAA and protein, can surprisingly do more harm than good.

There are many cons to dry scooping pre-workout and other supplements. Initially, there is an increased risk of tooth decay. Many supplement formulas include acids, such as citric acid or amino acids, and putting these directly into your mouth without diluting them with water exposes your teeth to serious decay. The acids wear down your teeth enamel over time, which cannot grow back, exposing sensitive nerves and causing dental pain.

Another risk is that people that dry scoop could potentially consume more than the recommended amount. Some pre-workouts can contain over 350MG of caffeine, meaning that consuming two scoops instead of the recommended amount would be comparable to having seven cups of coffee! Consistently consuming too much caffeine can lead to harmful side effects, including headaches, dizziness, and abnormal heart rhythms.

How to dry scoop pre-workout

If you decide that dry scooping is for you, you may be wondering how to dry scoop safely.

To reduce the risk of your teeth coming into direct contact with harmful acids, open your mouth wide and tilt your head back before placing the product in your mouth. Try not to take a breath, as this can result in the powder going down your throat or up your nose, causing you to cough and choke.

The key is to adequately dilute the mixture, as many people rely on the saliva in their mouths to moisten the powder enough to swallow. Instead, take a big sip of water and swish the solution around your mouth to dissolve it before consuming,

Protect your teeth further by swishing a drink of water around your mouth after you have dry scooped, to help break down any remaining acids that may be lingering in your mouth.

Final thoughts

Before dry scooping pre-workout, carefully weigh up the benefits against the health risks to decide if it is the right option for you. If you want to try dry scooping, look for a product with natural ingredients and reduced caffeine, such as non-stimulant pre-workout powders, to prevent issues with your wellbeing further down the road.

Here at Discount Supplements, we recommend pre-workouts and other powders to be consumed as instructed by the manufacturer. These methods and blends are carefully crafted by leading professionals to help enhance your performance and health with as little risk as possible, so messing with these instructions can result in harmful side effects if not followed properly.