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Pre-workout is an integral part of most athletes' and gym lovers' everyday workout rituals, boosting performance and helping them to have the most productive workout possible.

With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to determine which pre-workout is the best for you - and, more importantly, which is the best value for money. 

With this in mind, we've pulled together this guide on our best value pre-workout at Discount Supplements. Get ready to get the most out of your workout without breaking the bank!

What is pre-workout?

Pre-workout supplements increase performance, energy levels, power, stamina, mood, and motivation. Perfect for endurance athletes, high-intensity training and strength training, pre-workout is used by runners and weightlifters alike to get the most out of their training. 

Most pre-workout products contain ingredients such as caffeine, which offers an effective energy boost, and creatine, which helps improve muscle mass - perfect for high-intensity and strength-focused workouts. 

What is the best pre-workout?

best pre-workout

Applied Nutrition ABE (or All Black Everything) has been the go-to pre-workout for many people for years and continues to set the standard for daily driver pre-workout.

If you've never tried pre-workout, ABE is a great entry-level product. Featuring all of the important ingredients you'd expect from your pre-workout, ABE tastes amazing and is available at a great price point. 

Although many see ABE as an entry into the market, it's a brilliant pre to take daily! Containing high levels of creatine, when taking ABE, you won't need to top up your creatine levels separately.

Currently, the price for a 30-serving tub is £21.95, making ABE just £0.73 per serving. Whilst there are cheaper pre-workouts on the market, ABE is dosed more favourably than many of its alternatives, which is why we recommend it as our best value pre-workout.

With no expense spared during production, ABE is an all-around good quality product that has even been batch tested on athletes to give you extra confidence when using it. 

Informed Sports

Caffeine content in pre-workout

It's important to note the caffeine content in pre-workout and to consider its effects on your body before you take it. ABE contains 200 milligrams of caffeine per serving, which, to put into context, is around 4-5 cups of coffee. Although 200mg sounds a lot, this number is considered mild compared to other pre-workouts.

As caffeine affects everyone differently, it's always worth taking just half a scoop of ABE when you first use it to assess your tolerance.

As long as you don't already consume excessive daily amounts of caffeine, you should always feel and benefit from the effects of pre-workout. If you already consume a lot of caffeine, you may be better off trying one of our hardcore pre-workouts as a more cost-effective solution rather than taking 2 scoops of ABE.

When should I take a pre-workout?

For ABE, taking 1 level scoop and mixing it with 250ml cold water 15 minutes before your workout is suggested. Each scoop should contain 10.5g, but weighing scales are always recommended.

What's in Applied Nutrition ABE?

Although we've already discussed the caffeine content in Applied Nutrition ABE, many other beneficial ingredients help promote the success of your workout, including the following:

Citrulline (4 grams per serving)

Citrulline is present in most modern pre-workouts. It can boost nitric oxide production in the body, which improves your blood flow, giving you an extra pump.

Creatine (3.25 grams per serving)

Creatine is known to aid muscle recovery, increase muscle mass, and provide increased energy. Many brands are removing creatine from their pre-workouts due to its sharp price increase, but its high levels in ABE show what a great value, high-quality product it is.

Beta Alanine (2 grams per serving)

Beta-Alanine enhances your performance by increasing your exercise capacity and reducing muscle fatigue by buffering your lactic acid. (This is the stuff in pre-workouts that can make your skin itch and tingle!)

For information on the remaining grams, here's the full picture of ABE's nutritional information:

Nutritional Informations

What flavours of Applied Nutrition ABE are available?

ABE currently comes in 10 flavours, so you can almost guarantee that there will be at least one flavour you'll love!

At Discount Supplements, our top-selling flavours are Icy Blue Razz and Fruit Punch, which will be no surprise to seasoned pre-workout users as these flavours have been around since the market introduced the pre-workout category.

Applied Nutrition ABE has a unique flavour range, including the very popular Candy Ice Blast. Not a traditional flavour, Candy Ice Blast is based on pink and blue cola bottles with a menthol kick for breathe-easy technology. Although it's not for everyone, we see the highest customer return rate for this unique flavour.

For more delicious options, discover the full range (below). 

Bubblegum Crush

Fruit Punch

Candy Ice Blast

Sour Apple

Cherry Cola

Sour Gummy Bear

Energy (Red Bull)

Strawberry Mojito

Icy Blue Razz



Not sure which flavour to pick? Check out our positive reviews to find your new favourite!


In conclusion 

Pre-workouts are incredibly popular in the fitness industry, enhancing all kinds of high-intensity and strength training. Perfect when taken just before a workout, they help ensure that your workouts are effective and efficient. 

Whether a regular pre-workout user or a first-timer, ABE is one of the best value products the market has to offer. Packed full of high-quality ingredients to enhance your endurance and strength training, ABE is the perfect choice to kickstart your workout. 

Containing all important creatine for building muscle mass and manageable amounts of caffeine to give you an enhanced energy boost, it's clear why Applied Nutrition ABE is the leading product in the pre-workout category. Try Applied Nutrition ABE at Discount Supplements today!