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    1. Grenade Hydra 6 1.8kg + *FREE* Shaker 600ml

      Grenade Hydra 6
      • Grenade Hydra 6 is a specialised protein blend combining Whey Protein Isolate and Casein.
      • Each serving provides 24g of Protein while remaining low in Carbohydrates and Sugar.
      • Grenade Hydra 6 can be enjoyed as a protein snack between meals or post workout.

      Grenade Shaker

      • Microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe
      • Removable storage compartment for convenience.
      • 600ml Shaker
    2. USN BCAA Power Punch 400g + *FREE* Water Jug 2.2l

      USN BCAA Power Punch

      • Rich in Amino Acids
      • Great Tasting
      • Added Glutamine
      • Added Vitamin B6
      • Added Citrulline Malate
      USN Water Jug
      • BPA Free
      • Branded
      • Convenient
      • Holding Handle

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