Applied Nutrition ABE Pre Workout 315g

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Flavour: Icy Blue Raz
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Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Grant Cole
Good stuff

Does what it says on the tin. Decent pre work out. Definitely worth the money. And really good price too

mark chalmers
One of the best

I have been taking pre workouts for years but never actually like the taste of most of them…this is different…it’s quite sour to taste…and it’s my absolute go to now…no real crash after either…would absolutely recommend

Benjamin Thornton
Good stuff

Great pump/ Focus. Good value for money

Daniel Sharp

Really good stuff! Pump is unreal

William Doyle

Pretty good

jack smith


andrew mcalpine

Well what can I say bout this preworkout....finished a 12 hour shift scaffolding, was on my arse knackered..then I remembered I had a opened the box and there it was in all it's sleek black a batman hand grenade...twisted the top off...and heard heavenly music in my head, I thought wtf!....grabbed my shaker,,200ml water... presicly levelled the perfect scoop....dumped it in the water...waited for the dust to settled...stuck lid on shaker and wrapped my mouth around it and guzzled it down in about 3 gulps...taste was good like a sour apple shot....thought so far so good... proceeded into living room..sat on couch...trying to mentally prepare my self for the massive sesh of shoulders and back....and it's at this point I realized I was levatating bout 2 feet off the couch...that was the first rush off energy....the second had me down the hallway running horizontaly on my wall....didn't even open the door to my gym just went straight through the wall....skidded to a halt caught my breathe...picked up my 20kilo dumbbells and proceeded to do sets of 1000 reps...while watching my neighbours do there dished through the concrete dividing wall....
So YES in my opinion
If u need a little pick me up for that hard days
This product will 100percent get u through them days (and half the night)..
And by the love of god do not do 2 scoops..
I tried 2 scoops once and it bend reality into a different dimension....

Andy Hayes
Very happy

Very happy with product used Brodie’s and no pre workout gives the needed hit like this one

Jamie Wills

It blows your f*#king face off!

I've used a lot of pre-workouts over the past few decades and there's loads of worthy mentions that have done what they needed to, but this one leads the way, by a mile. As with any supplement, I cycle it to ensure my body doesn't get used to the effects but it's the only pre I use now and it's highly affordable.

Blue Raz is my go-to, but Ice Blast is a flavour I think everyone needs to experience!!

Ben Courty
I can feel it in my fingers, feel it in my bones

Every part of my body is tingling, can’t stop scratching my head. Absolutely wired.
100% buy again

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