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It's 2023, and one of our products is taking on a fresh new look.

As you might have noticed, Optimum Health is changing, so it's time to properly introduce The Health Project, Optimum Health's new name. 

Optimum Health has been one of Discount Supplements biggest sellers since 2010, but as the sports supplements market is so crowded, we felt it was time to give it a well-deserved makeover.

The Health Project, or THP, is the new name for one of our most sought-after ranges. With this in mind, we wanted to choose a name that sets it apart from the rest, giving it its own unique identity, rebranding and marketing it to make it more attractive to a fresh, new audience. 

Read on to discover everything you need to know about The Health Project and the high-quality supplements offered in this range. 

Table of contents

  1. What can I expect from The Health Project?
  2. Will The Health Project be more sustainable?
  3. What supplements are available from The Health Project?

What can I expect from The Health Project?

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Although The Health Project is taking on a fresh new look, all of its products, formulas and flavours remain the same, so you can trust that the brand will bring you the same gains and results as Optimum Health. However, we've made sure to strip our product branding back to the basics, making each product easier for new and existing customers to understand. 

Riding on the crest of the wave of our rebrand, we're also going through the stages of new product development, expanding the range and offering a greater selection of supplements and categories based on customer feedback.

Will The Health Project be more sustainable?

When researching and rebranding The Health Project, we considered using more sustainable, recyclable and compostable pouches for our products. After liaising with experts in this field, we discovered that UK infrastructure isn't quite ready for this move to be fully supported. This means that these new pouches would be difficult to recycle and take even longer to biodegrade. 

Our sustainability promise to our customers is that we pledge to make the switch once this becomes a more viable option that will truly benefit the planet.

For now, to reduce our carbon footprint, all The Health Project pouches will be made in the UK instead of imported from China. 

We'll continue to review and improve our products to offer the most sustainable version of The Health Project we can to our customers at any given time.

What supplements are available from The Health Project?

The Health Project offers all the supplements you've come to expect from the brand. From starter bundles so you can learn more about our tried and tested products, to convenient capsules, pouches and tubs, here's a breakdown of our products and why we think you should add them to your supplement selection. 

The Health Project Bundles 

  • The Health Starter Bundle - this is a perfect choice for those kick-starting their fitness journey! Choose your favourite flavours of our high-quality whey protein and benefit from that alongside a tub of our performance-boosting creatine monohydrate. With a shaker included, you'll be set for your next workout with these fitness essentials.
  • The Weight Loss Bundle - if weight loss is your goal, this is the bundle for you! Including our Ultimate Diet Whey, a great addition as protein helps to keep you fuller for longer, alongside a handy shaker and our Maximum Strength Igniter Diet Capsules to help you burn fat - you'll benefit from those gains in no time!
  • The Night Time Stack - built with post-workout recovery and sleep quality in mind, this bundle contains a pouch of our slow-release casein protein and shaker, drip-feeding the body with essential amino acids and increasing protein synthesis. Then, with the addition of our ZMALPHA caps, containing Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6, supporting muscle contractions and easing fatigue and tiredness, you'll benefit from this recovery pack in no time!
  • The Essential Stack - this little hero pack contains essential vitamins and mineral supplements to help you feel like the best version of yourself, including Multivitamins, Omega-3 and ZMALPHA capsules.

The Health Project Capsules 

Our capsule range contains all the vitamins, minerals and supplements needed to support your daily intake and fitness goals. So whether you're looking for an easier way to take your performance-boosting creatine or searching for a handy multivitamin with all the essentials in one capsule, you'll find everything you need!

The Health Project Vitamin D3

The Health Project Pouches 

The perfect accompaniment to your shaker, our pouches allow you to take on a pre or post-workout drink on the go, so you never have to be without your favourite performance gainer or recovery snack. 

The Health Project Whey Protein

From our deliciously flavoured Whey Protein to our Plant and Diet Protein, it's never been easier to boost those essential amino acids, pre and post-workout. Then, with our Mass Gainer included, helping you gain strength and body composition post-workout, you can find all your fitness essentials in one place!

The Health Project Tubs

The options available in our tubs are perfect for both workout and recovery. Our Creatine Monohydrate is perfect for pre-workout as it increases the body's ability to produce energy more quickly. Then our Ultimate L-Glutamine, an essential amino acid, aids muscle build and repair, ideal for helping your muscles to recover after a difficult gym session. 

Get the most from every workout by stocking up on these two essentials, offering 50 servings per tub. 

Shop The Health Project at Discount Supplements 

Find all of your everyday vitamins, minerals and supplements when you explore The Health Project today. Or, for more workout essentials, why not browse our complete sports & gym collection, where you'll find pre-workout, amino acids and more, alongside the best in post-workout recovery from some of the industry's leading brands. 

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