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What are the THREE most important products you can buy from Strom?

We asked Rick from Strom for the three most important products you can utilise from the Strom Sports range. Let's see what he had to say...

I think if I were being really clever about it, I would say that the answer would be dependent on the person and their goals.


If I absolutely had to give an answer and I thought about what is going to give the most athletes, the most benefits I would suggest:

SupportMax Joint.




There will of course be people for which SystolMax is an absolute essential or consider OCS non-negotiable.

But I think nearly everyone will benefit from the above products.

What is CreaMax?

Creamax - a combination of Creapure® creatine and ActiGin® (sometimes known as Senactiv®).

Creatine is the most researched and proven effective sports supplement money can buy - helping the body to produce ATP whilst assisting in a range of processes, giving consistent benefits to performance and recovery.  

CreaMAX uses ONLY patented Creapure® sourced from Altzchem in Germany for assurance of quality - solubility and a product free from contamination from heavy metals.

ActiGin® further compounds this by improving the speed of glycogen replenishment post workout - reducing soreness from training and improving recovery rate between sets.

What is HydraMax?

HydraMax is a novel take on the often forgotten about hydration product.

Most Hydration products will give you all of the key electrolytes in balanced doses - however most people who eat western diets get more than enough sodium, in fact lots of people in the fitness industry add lots and lots of extra sodium to their pre and intra workout products, this can cause issues with uncomfortable lower back pumps as well as unpleasant fluid retention.

With HydraMax we take a different approach that is benificial to both sports people and bodybuilders, we use 2 grams of coconut water extract to provide a natural (but low sodium) hydrating electrolyte blend, we then provide a HUGE 5 grams of taurine to act as the products primary osmolyte - drawing water in to muscle cells - improving pumps - hydration and reducing back pumps, massively reducing cramps and improving athletic performance. 

Additionally the product features a great dose of cranberry extract which as well as being a fantastic antioxidant has long been known to help support immune system function. 

What is SupportMax Joint?

SupportMax Joint is both an extremely potent anti-inflammatory due to the power of Water Soluble Hydrocurc and a potent long term joint support and recovery aid. 

In most people its effects are felt almost immediately in terms of a reduction in general soreness and stiffness, then over time the other ingredients yield more long term benefits, Cissus is a traditional herbal treatment for joint and bone pain with a strong body of evidence around its effectiveness - Hylaronic acid is helpful in replenishing synovial fluid which acts as the lubricant between joints and glucosamine when used in the long term helps repair cartilage, in SupportMax joint the vitamin C is there to work with the glucosamine to give the best possible outcome.

The effect of both removing inflammation with Hydrocurc® combined with all of the above ingredients is a product that both removes immediate joint discomfort and can contribute to long term joint health and comfort... while this will almost exclusively be bought by people with joint issues or injuries I would URGE anyone who intends to undertake any sport or exercise regime to introduce SupportMax joint as early as possible in their regime to prevent being the guy with joint issues later in life. (Or at least reduce the likelihood of).

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What is SupportMax Joint?