Looking For A New Challenge?? Give This 1000 Rep Body Weight Workout A Try!

Are you bored with your regular training and want something where you can spice it up? Do you want to give yourself a challenge and see how well you can do against the clock? If you want to shock your body, muscles and your will power here is an awesome workout you can perform when you are next in the gym or at home! I call it the 1000 repetition bodyweight challenge which consists of 8-10 exercises made up of 100 reps per exercise.

1000 Rep Challenge 

So the challenge is simple in theory but it will certainly push you to your limits from the very first exercise. This is a bodyweight challenge so if you have increased your calories over the Christmas break then you may find some exercises harder than usual ;). Each exercise is made up of 100 repetitions and you will need to make it to 100 before moving on. By all means, during each exercise there is no doubt you will need to rest in between, this is fine. A small tip from myself is to try and push through each exercise you can with minimal breaks as this will help improve your mental strength as well as your physical abilities. Trust me, this challenge is going to work you mentally as well as physically :)

The Structure

The layout is very simple for this challenge and like I have mentioned above, you will need to complete 100 repetitions before you can move onto the next exercise. During each exercise pause and rest when you have to but keep in mind the longer you rest the harder it is going to be to complete. Once you reach 100 repetitions allow yourself a 60 second rest before you move onto the next exercise.

Some Tips Before You Start

I personally feel this challenge is more of a mental barrier so at times you are going to be performing an exercise, be halfway through and think how on earth am I going to get another 50 repetitions. So something that I think works when you get to this point is breaking the repetitions up into smaller chunks. So if you have 50 repetitions to go and your muscles are screaming at you perform small, mini-sets of 10 repetitions which will make it seem more bearable. Another great tip is to concentrate on your breathing and really focus on the inhalation and exhalation of each exercise. When you are contracting the muscle breathe out and breathe in when you are easing off. These tips will help you but it is inevitable you will need to approach the challenge your own way and get it done how you feel best to do so.

Final Thought

Just because this is a bodyweight challenge it doesn't mean you don't need to take your supplements pre, post and during the workout. Granted, this workout isn't something you would normally do but a common theme is not to bother using any supplements as you aren't lifting a weight. So please still use your pre-workouts, branched chains during and whey protein afterwards.

The Workout 

100 Squats

100 Press Ups

100 Lunges Left Side

100 Lunges Right Side

100 Crunches

100 Star Jumps

100 Burpees

100 Leg Raises

100 Narrow Press Ups

100 Wide Squats


I didn't time mine but I think I did it under 40 minutes. So please post your times and let's see how you all get on. You should be feeling great after finishing this, you just did 1000 REPS!!! Well Done!!