The Hidden Sugar Within Your Choice Of Alcoholic Drinks

Did you know that alcohol such as real ale and gin and tonics can contain large amounts of sugar? A pint of real ale contains up to nine teaspoons of sugar which is far more than the recommended daily amount for an adult. Sugar is very current in the news and not just with adults, with children too. Sugar is becoming the new tobacco and we need to be aware of how much we are consuming as it can affect your health in a negative way. Here are some more drinks with high sugar content -


Pint of real ale: 9
Pint of Guinness or stout: 5
Pint of premium lager 3.5
568ml bottle of Magners pear cider 8.5
Pint of Strongbow dry cider 3.5
175ml glass of mulled wine 11
175ml glass of medium-sweet wine 2.5
Vodka and Red Bull 7
Gin and tonic 5.5
Vodka and Coca Cola 6.5
Sambuca shot 4
Amaretto shot 4
50ml glass of Baileys 2.5
50ml glass of Port 3
50ml glass of sweet sherry 2
Smirnoff Ice 7.5
Barcardi Breezer 5.25

Vodka, gin and whiskey all contain little amounts of sugar until you top them up with a fizzy drink like Coke or lemonade. My advice, if you are going to drink, stick to one of these and use a soda with some lime.