The Upper Body Finishers You Should Be Doing At The End Of Each Workout

Hypertrophy training is all about building a symmetrical, beach body that will get people in a tangle just looking at you (that's what I think anyhow). This form of exercise requires you to perform slow tempo, controlled reps in your sets and really push through that pain barrier. This type of training is associated with bodybuilders, fitness models and those who want to achieve a lean but muscular look, have abs and feel great.

Upper Body Finishers

What is an upper-body finishing move? Well, it kinda sounds like it is from some sort of video game-like Mortal Kombat right? You wouldn't be wrong in thinking this as these are special exercises to perform at the end of your workout. If you are working chest, you will finish with a chest finisher, shoulders - a shoulder finisher and so on. Here is a list of finishing moves you should perform at the end of your workout to completely FINISH the muscle group you are working. Be warned, these hurt and could leave you feeling sore ;)


The best chest finisher in my opinion that you can perform at the end of your workout is a press-up variation. Perform 15 regular press-ups, then perform 15 close grip ones followed by as many clap press-ups you can finish with. This finisher really pushes you to the max and should have your chest and triceps feeling well worked.


After the deadlifts, bent over rows, pulldowns and more rows there is only one thing to finish with, pulls ups! Most of you might start with them but leaving them to the end as a bodyweight finisher is an awesome exercise to do it with. Wide grip bodyweight pulls ups are great and when you max out have a box underneath you that you can use. Perform as many negative reps as you can by jumping off the box and onto the pull-up frame. This is a sure burner for your back and will really work it...


The exercise is called 'Round The World' and they are one horrible exercise to finish with ha! This exercise involves you using some medium to light weighted dumbbells and hitting a side raise into a front raise routine. So start with the dumbbells by your side, lateral raise and bring them in front of you, lower them and raise them back up. From here drop back down into the lateral raise and try to get 50 of these in total. SHOULDER BURN like no other!!


Hit these two together for one heck of a finisher that will leave your arms feeling super pumped! For your biceps hit 3 sets of 21s with a straight barbell. This is 7 reps low to the midpoint, 7 more reps of mid to high reps and then 7 full ones. Hit 3 sets one after the other for the ultimate burn. Move over to your triceps and hit them hard with finishing on the dip frame, hitting over 100 reps unbroken. Focus on keeping your elbows tucked in on both exercises and you will notice a difference.

If you do ache a bit more than usual, don't worry about it. Some stretching and having enough protein will reduce the aches and pains. Good Luck