Want To Gain Size But Don't Want To Feel Bloated??
So you're interested in gaining size without feeling bloated from taking mass gaining shakes? Have you noticed how some shakes are so thick and filling that they literally leave you feeling bloated? Calories after calories are being consumed in an attempt for you to get bigger but are you really helping your goal? Is it fat you are putting on your body and not the muscle you had hoped? Here is the low down on why you should probably consume something smaller...

Mass Gainers

So the bottom line is, in order to gain muscle mass and size we need to eat more calories than our bodies burn right? However, simply putting yourself in a calorie surplus might not be enough if you can't eat another meal for 5-6 hours. Some of the mass gaining shake that are available to you to purchase contain large amounts of calories that your body may struggle to handle. Consuming 1000 calories upwards in one single meal is quite a challenge and if you notice you struggle with this, it's probably a sign you should be having something smaller for your body to handle.


Do you often feel tired after eating this amount of calories in one go? When you consume something this large it draws blood from other areas like your head to cope with the amount of food it needs to digest. Granted, in this case with mass gainers it will contain mostly water/milk, oats and protein sources, but the fact still remains it needs to be digested properly. So when this happens it makes an impact on how you are feeling, have you ever noticed feeling sleepy after consuming so much in one go? If you answer yes then this is another reason why you might want to consume something different...

Less Calories/ More Benefits

Opting for something with less calories is likely to leave you feeling less bloated because your body isn't having to deal with so much all in one go. Less calories doesn't mean less results however, so rest assured you will still be making the progress you need. With this said as long as you are meeting your protein requirements in a shake along with the carbohydrates then it will serve its purpose to you. What are the benefits to not having as many calories in one hit? Well, less bloating, less likely to store body fat and less likely to feel tired as your body can handle the response from 400-500 calories.

How To Increase Size Further?

A good trick when wanting to increase size but don't want to sacrifice body fat levels with copious amounts of calories.... add creatine to your shake. Creatine causes a swell in the muscles which 1) enhances the way you look, 2) increases strength which will then directly add more size and 3) increases performance which indirectly refers to point number 2.

Know A Shake Like This?

We sure do, why not give XL Nutrition Protein and Carbs a go and reap the benefits from saving money and feeling great after drinking it.

Protein - 36g
Carbohydrates - 57g
Creatine - 5g

This really is a perfect product which will give you some amazing results. Give it a try and let us know what you think. If you already use it we would also love to hear from you :)