Drk. Pre-Workout Review


As a keen body builder and fitness fanatic, I am always looking for new products to try that may give me that extra boost during my training. Drk. from Drk. Supps, is a pre workout that feels different from other pre workouts. It’s fully loaded, with a very high beta alanine content whilst being moderate in terms of caffeine dose. This product is a non-proprietary blend, meaning it lists the exact amount of each ingredients dose in this pre workout.

Ingredient Profile

  • L Citrulline Maliate 3500mg
  • Beta Alanine 3000mg
  • Taurine 500mg
  • Caffeine 250mg
  • Guarana 100mg
  • Niacin 30mg

Serving size 1 scoop = 10 Grams.

Taste/Mix ability/Dosing

The flavour that I had every time was Green Apple, and the taste is not like your ordinary Green Apple. It is very sweet, with quite a sour aftertaste. The instructions state to mix 1 scoop (10G) in 150ml of water, then drink it 20mins, prior to workout.

Most other pre workouts are a 5G serving, mix it in a glass of water drink and go, however with this product, I opted for a slightly different approach, which proved highly effective. Simply put a full scoop of the powder straight into your mouth on your tongue, then swill with water for 10 seconds before swallowing. This gives an incredible tingling and numbing sensation in your mouth, well worth a try!


This product is a highly effective product, it simply hits you right in the face as soon as you take it. I've had some great workouts, and a great pump when using this product. The tingling sensation from the extra Beta Alanine gives an incredible amount of mental focus.

Improvements across the board were noticeable, for example, strength & endurance increased, as well as mental focus and stimulation.


This product is relatively inexpensive when compared with other products on the market. For a tub that contains 30 servings would mean roughly a month’s supply if you used it every day (which I would not recommend)

Side Effects

Tingling from the beta alanine, no caffeine crash afterwards.


The effectiveness of this product combined with the relatively low price and ample number of servings, makes this product an ideal pre workout choice for those looking at making their workouts more interesting.


About the Author

XL Nutrition Ambassador/ Mens Physique Competitor/ Instagram - JonnieSteward

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