Product Review: Sci-MX Pro2Go Caramel Crisp Protein Bar

The Sci-MX Pro2Go Bars are a solid addition to the Sci MX range, they don’t really taste like most traditional protein bars in that they seem to be almost approaching a normal chocolate crispy based bar…but they have a solid 21g of protein! #NotBadAtAll

Overall we were really impressed with these bars - from the box, the tidy packaging and the bars themselves it’s clear Sci-MX have put some real time into making these a solid choice in the protein bar category.


Taste & Texture:
Okay…so when you bite into the bar, it’s a bit of a treat!
They are not hard and challenging to get through at all, which to be honest is a bit of a surprise after trying out most protein bars…the bar is more indulgent and because it’s not extremely dense, it’s more pleasurable to eat, yet still satisfying.
These triple layered bars start off with a base of fluffy nougat followed by creamy caramel and finally topped with soy crispies…delicious!
The flavour we have here is Caramel Crisp and the name is very fitting, it’s not like it sounds great but when you taste the bar you are disappointed, it just feel right for what you’re expecting.


Sci-MX Pro2Go Caramel Crisp Bar - Discount Supplements

The ingredients for this kind of bar look good, the main ingredient is Milk Protein followed by Milk Chocolate which is one of the reasons why the bar tastes so great.
The crisps are actually made with protein too, derived from soy…rather than purely carbohydrate based contributing to the 21g of protein per bar.
Per 65g bar, there’s a total of 20.1g of carbohydrates coming from the ingredients list, making it an ideal bar for somebody who wants a more balanced snack rather than a really low carbohydrate one.
Xylitol has been added to the bars, giving them a little bit of extra sweetness…without the calories (the total calories for the bar happens to be 253 cals).
Oh did we mention fibre? 8.3g per bar!


Overall Thoughts:
To summarise and conclude, this bar is ideal for anyone looking to have a tasty bar on the go, between meals or even post workout.
Containing premium quality protein, you’ll get a steady stream of amino acids to help contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.
Taste, texture and high in protein - the Sci MX Pro2 Go bar has everything many of us are looking for from a premium quality protein bar.

Top marks!

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