Sports Supplements To Support Your Weight Loss Goals

It’s time to get into shape for Summer 2022, and Optimum Health can help you on your journey. If you have put off your Diet & Weight Loss Goals the past couple of years, then 2022 is your year.

Optimum Health has a huge range including Protein Powders and Wellbeing products within its range, and has quickly become of our best selling brands, not just for its quality ingredients but for its desirable flavours and creamy texture.

Check out three of the most popular Optimum Health products below:

Optimum Health Diet+ Protein

If your goal this year is to lose some of those pounds you gained over the winter, then Optimum Health Diet+ Protein is a must have. The idea of a Diet Protein is to restrict your calorie intake, while still achieving your daily protein targets. If you manage to remain consistently in a calorie deficit, you will lose weight.

Each 30g serving provides you with a generous 20g of Protein and contains only 112 calories. Optimum Health Diet+ Protein has added CLA, L-Carnitine, and Green Tea, you will be well on your way to smashing your target.

Optimum Health One Lean Mass+

Another option you could try from the Optimum Health range is Optimum Health One Lean Mass+. This is an  All In One powder which provides you with a healthy 30g protein per serving and your recommended daily amount of creatine, this is ideal for a post workout shake and for those who want to add lean mass without the high calorie intake. Included are some essential amino acids to help you recover more quickly… so this product really is a money saver!

Optimum Health Igniter Fat Burner 100 Capsules

Optimum Health Igniter is on of our best value Fat Burners. Fat Burners are designed to increase your fat metabolism and decrease fat absorption. Igniter includes 600mg of Guarana Seed, which naturally releases a steady flow of caffeine into your system. The caffeine helps you train harder for longer, which ultimately should lead to more calorie expenditure.


As you can see the Optimum Health range includes some great supplements that can support a healthy lifestyle, and also support your weight loss goals.

If you have any questions about Optimum Health products feel free to drop us a message on our Instagram page!

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