Hitting Your Quads At All Angles On The Leg Extension Machine
After some squats, lunges and leg press you are no doubt going to be feeling sore, stiff and tired. It is at this point when you might go into autopilot mode and not really focus on what else you can do to really intensify your workout. After your heavy compound movements, you are likely to finish with some isolation exercises, like the leg extension machine which really works your thighs, quadriceps. However, as I have mentioned already, how many of you when you get to this machine are already feeling tired and exhausted? Do you tend to ease off and not go so hard? It's ok, it's natural but you really want to keep pumped and shoot for the sky on this one, it is great for really toning the thighs. Here are some extra tips for you...

Leg Extension Machine

This machine gets you set up for some serious results if you want it to. If you sit there, and use your phone or chat to your workout buddy then it won't (yes, I see this happen a lot at the gym I am at). So here is what you need to do, you need to remember that even though you are coming to the end of your workout, maximum intensity still has to remain and so does your willingness to want to achieve a better body.

Hitting Different Angles

The way you angle your feet will hit different muscles and focus on certain ones over the others. Remember you have four major muscles in the thigh and they can all be hit just by changing the angle your foot is resting when pushing through each set. To begin, if you keep your foot in line with your knee then you will mostly work the middle of the thigh and as you lift the weight, emphasising a squeeze will really work the muscles.

The outer side of your quads need developing too and the best way to do this on the leg extension machine is by angling your foot in while lifting the roller. You will notice when you do this the squeeze and tension is on the outside of the quad, really working the sweep of your thighs.

To work the inner thighs and the 'tear drop' as it is known in the fitness industry, the angle of your foot should be turned out so that you feel it work in this area. For this particular exercise too you might find it more beneficial to only lower your leg half way before raising it back up again. This will help keep the inside thigh muscle activated and therefore work it harder, which is what you want :)

What Now

So now you have three extra ways you can hit your leg extensions that is going to increase your leg definition and size of them. This is for the ladies too as it will really help shape them nicely. You can do them in single sets or you can mix it up a bit by performing super sets or even tri sets with the three different techniques. You might feel a bit sore after doing this which is normal as you will be working muscles in a different way than before. To help with the recovery, be sure to get some protein down you which will increase recovery and performance for when you next hit legs! Happy Leg Day !!