Take Control Of Your Eating With This 2500 Calorie High Protein Diet Plan - Discount Supplements

Where do you stand with weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance, and is it just weight that you’re worried about, or do you factor in body composition too? It’s all well and good losing total weight if you’re classified as ‘overweight’ or ‘obese’, and granted you are highly likely to improve your body composition i.e. favourable muscle ratio to fat if you lose total body weight.

Depending on what your goals are, and what your starting weight and level of conditioning is, you may be able to apply this 2500kcal diet plan delivering 37% carbs, 30% protein & 33% fat to support your fat loss, toning or maybe even weight gain needs.

Diet Plan Breakdown

Calories: 2500kcal
Protein: 185g
Carbohydrate: 230g
Fat: 93g          

Macro’s :

37% Carbs
30% Protein
33% Fat


2x Granary Bread, 1 tsp margarine/butter (290kcal; 8g Protein; 29g Carbs)
2x Scrambled eggs (160kcal; 10g Protein)
1x Scoop whey protein with water (120kcal; 25g Protein; 4g Carbs)


1x Apple (46kcal; 11g Carbs)
1x rice cake, 1x tsp peanut butter (220kcal; 5g Protein; 8g Carbs)


160g boiled/grilled chicken breast (146kcal; 32g Protein)
125g or ½ bag cooked Basmati/wholegrain rice (200kcal; 4g Prot; 40g Carbs)
100g Mixed vegetables (40kcal; 2g Protein; 6g Carbs)


2x Tangerines (50kcal; 10g Carbs)
125g natural yoghurt (not Greek) & 2x teaspoon honey (134kcal; 7g Protein; 21g Carbs)


100g Beef/Steak (242kcal; 29g Protein)
150g Egg Noodles (1/3 bag) (249kcal; 8g Protein; 42g Carbs)
160g (1/2 bag) stir fry veg (80kcal; 2g Protein; 7g Carbs)
5ml (1x tsp) Soy sauce (3kcal)
20ml (2x tsp) sweet chilli sauce (46kcal; 11g Carbs)
Black Pepper

Post Training

1x Scoop whey protein with water (120kcal; 25g Protein; 4g Carbs)
125ml Fresh orange juice (80kcal; 1g Protein; 15g Carbs)


100g (1/3 of 300g pot) cottage cheese (70kcal; 11g Protein; 4g Carbs)
Black pepper
2x rice cakes (60kcal; 12g Carbs)
150g cottage cheese (100kcal; 16g Protein; 6g Carbs)
Black pepper